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You Can Help The Planet With These Android Apps

Today, the younger generation is always on the phone. So if you are one of them, why not use your phone to help save the planet simultaneously?

How? Stick with us to know the answer.

We all are familiar with what applications are all about. From social media applications to online games, applications have made themselves an important part of our life. Different people from all corners of the world are glued together to the screen using one application or another. For example, most popular apps

While most of these applications offer solutions, they are not exactly helping the environment in any way. As we dive deep into the technologies, we focus on finding more sustainable solutions. For example, some popular innovations are given in ExpressVPN list of eco-friendly gadgets. If that is the case, why not focus on sustainable solutions even when using applications?

Beyond the applications like Candy crush and Facebook, there are applications that have been designed for an environment.

Seeing how surprised you are to know that there is an application-aiding environment, we assume that you don’t even know the name of even a single application sustaining the environment.

In that case, let us be your guide.

Below are a few applications that can help you save the planet and society with just a few clicks from your phone.

Top 6 Android Apps That Will Help The Planet

Below are a few applications that can help you save the planet and society with just a few clicks from your phone.

1. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Charity mile is a great application that helps you achieve two different things at the same time. Charity Miles is an application that tracks your movement and donates a certain amount to charity for every mile you run or jog.

Simply put, if you are a fitness enthusiast and need motivation, what’s better than your hard work paying off as a donation?

You can use Charity miles to track the miles you have covered and get an idea of how much you have contributed to the donations.

2. Scoop


We all know what the ozone layer is all about. It is a protective layer that protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately, the ozone layer is depleting with the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

While there have been applications that have created awareness about ozone depletion and car emissions are the major contributing factor, Scoop has taken a step further by offering us a solution.

One way to reduce carbon emissions is by reducing the number of cars on roads. Scoop is carpooling and ensures that people are sharing cars to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

3. iRecycle


The electrical appliances we use to make our life easier are among the factors harming the environment the most. For instance, it is difficult to dispose of an electronic device once they have served its purpose. This is because of the chemicals that are released afterward.

This is where the iRecycle application comes into action. It is an application that shows you the exact location where various electronic devices can be disposed of safely.

Through this application, you can save the planet from dangerous chemical releases by disposing of them correctly.

4. Ecosia


The Internet has become the core technology that supports our life. What if you can use this technology to plant more trees? Yes, instead of searching for anything on Google, or any other search engine, you can search for the same information on Ecosia.

Ecosia is a search engine that works with Bing and donates 80% of the income to non-profit organizations that work on reforestation projects.

5. Good Guide

Good Guide

If you are among the people who only buy eco-friendly products, it is possible that you spend a lot of time in the supermarket. Fortunately, you don’t have to anymore.

With Good Guide, you can simply scan the barcode of the product to know whether or not it’s environmentally friendly. As a result, you can use this application to buy only eco-friendly products by investing less time.

 A Bit Of Advice

While these applications are truly a masterpiece and help you contribute to the good cause of the environment and society, it is important to access them securely.

Cybersecurity has always been an issue when it comes to the online world. If you want to ensure that your efforts are worthwhile, use cybersecurity tools, such as antivirus, a VPN, a firewall, etc.

Don’t forget to mask your online activity and protect your online information while accessing these applications.

If there is anything you want to know more about eco-friendly applications, feel free to reach out to us.



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