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What Is The Highest Snap Score Till Now? [Updated 2023]

highest snap score

Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms that many people use from different corners of the world. It comes with some great features that make it popular among users. Snapchat is used by millions of users every day. Many people have managed to get the highest snap score, while others are still trying.

If you are familiar with the snap score, read along to find out the highest one. On the other hand, if you have no idea about the snap score, this article is perfect. We will explain the snap score, point out the highest snap score, how to increase the snap score, and many more.

So, let’s jump to begin the class, shall we?

What Is The Snap Score?

Snap Score

Even if you haven’t used the Snapchat app, you won’t face any difficulties understanding the snap score. A snap score is calculated based on the frequency of receiving and sending snaps along with other activities on the platform. There are many other factors available that can help you get the highest snapchat score.

You can check your snapchat score by looking next to your username. If you want to get the highest streak and highest points on Snapchat, you will need to be very active on the platform. Now that you know what a score is let’s find out more about it in the next sections.

Who Has The Highest Snap Score?

Who Has The Highest Snap Score

We have researched plenty of places and found the highest snap scores all around the world. Of course, the list might not be perfect, and changes might be happening right now while you are reading. But this is the data we have covered that helps you to know who has the highest snap score till 2022. Here is the list given below that can help you to know more.

  • dion-19 got a 237 million score
  • cris_thisguy got a 50 million score
  • michae86I got a 29.6 million score
  • ciqlo got a 29.6 million score 
  • Gpierson_20 a 20 million score
  • daydrunks a 20 million score
  • Jade_rush1 a 10.8 million score
  • Dailybrayden123 a 7.2 million score
  • sillyblackguy has a 6 million score
  • jashanzzz a 2 million score
  • pateldeep3 a 1.4 million score

In 2017, sillyblackguy got famous when he scored 6 million snap scores, which was the highest back then. He earned more than 15000-30000 snap points every day. When he thought his score was going to be the highest snapchat score ever, dion-19 joined the game in 2019 with 61 million snapchat scores. It has become the highest snap score in the world, and he is still maintaining it.

By the looks of this score, you can get an idea about how much time people spend on Snapchat. It becomes an addiction for the people, and they become obsessed with scoring high. We will help you know how to get a higher snap score, but let’s find out about Snap Streak before that.

What Is Snap Streak?

Snap Streak

A Streak happens when someone sends a snap to someone, and the person sends the image back in 24 hours. When the process happens for more than three days, a streak starts to happen.

You will notice a fire emoji and a number beside the name of your friend. That is the streak count, and it increases a lot with time. Here is the list of people with the longest snap streak.

  • Hannah And Lauren – 2023
  • Ryan And Serg – 2020
  • Alex And Raff – 2000
  • Eva And Nina – 2000
  • Joseph And Gabriel – 2000
  • Pierson Gilreath – 1999
  • Daniel And Robin – 1985
  • Jeff And Teresa – 1983
  • Jake And Micah – 1983
  • Jake And Keegan – 1989

Some data might not match with many sources. But, we have tried to provide the best information. Want your name to appear on these lists? You can do it by staying active and following these tips. So, let’s jump to find out how to get a higher snap score

How To Make The Highest Snap Score?

Make Highest Snap Score

You already know what is the highest snap score and who has the highest snap score in the world. However, if you want your name to be on that list, you will need to know some important tips. Here are some of them given below that can help you.

  • Start checking your score by tapping your profile. You will be able to see your score under the name of the page.
  • Try to send snaps almost regularly if you plan to get your name on the highest position of snap scores.
  • Open all the unread snaps to get more points. You get points for every snap you open.
  • Snap multiple friends to increase your point-earning process. It will help you to boost the process and help you to reach a high number faster.
  • Add your snap to the story to earn more points.
  • Instead of direct messages, try to snap at the person. It will help you get points for talking to friends casually and get one step closer to the highest snap score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The Highest Snap Streak 2021?

The highest snap streak record is done by Kat Bruneau and Ally Zaino. They have been on the top of the list since the feature came out.

Q2. What Is The Most Highest Snapchat Score?

A lot of people want to find out what the highest snapchat score ever is. This title used to belong to sillyblackguy. However, he was replaced by dion with more than 60 million snaps. You can learn how does your snap score go up.  

Q3. What’s The Longest Snap Streak?

You can visit the official scoreboard in the app to find out the counts. The longest Snapchat Streak is around 2492.

Q4. Is 200000 A High Snap Score?

If you are able to keep your score between 200,000 to 400,00, it will help you to get quite popular on the platform. So, now you know what is the highest snap score ever and how they did it.


Do you want to score the highest snap score in 2023? Snapchat is a platform that you can choose to keep entertained. However, if you are reading this article, you want to find out the highest snapchat score.

We have tried our best to provide the best tips and other information that can help you to know all the details. If this article helped you learn what you were looking for, make sure to share and comment on it.

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