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How Old Is My Phone? How To Find The Age Of A Phone?

How Old Is My Phone

How old is my phone? You might want to know the answer to these questions for several reasons. Such as –

  • Knowing the availability of the updates.
  • Estimating resale value.
  • Checking if the warranty still exists.

I have a habit of buying phones after 6 to 8 months of their launch in the market – which makes them relatively older and cheaper. But no matter the age of the model, you never know when your phone was manufactured.

Especially if you don’t have the box and the documentation, you don’t have any way of knowing when the phone was manufactured. Knowing the manufacturing date can help you track how long the updates will keep coming. You can also check how long the warranty will last; also, if you are planning on selling the phone, you need to know how old the phone is.

So, if you are interested to know the age of your phone, then this article has the necessary steps to help you out.

How Old Is My Phone: Ways To Find Out Your Phone’s Age?

How can I tell how old my iphone is? Well,  there is more than one way to find out the age of your phone. I have listed most of them here –

1. The Box Of The Phone

Some of us lose our chargers more often – so keeping the box around is the last thing many of us would do. However, if you don’t throw away unnecessary stuff, then you are in luck. In addition, the box can tell the manufacturing date of your phone (well, it is not useless after all).

Phone BOX

You are likely to see a white sticker on the back of the phone’s box. You will see symbols and numbers on top of this sticker. The manufacturing date should be written on the sticker. But if you are not sure that the box belongs to the phone, then you should check the IMEI number of your phone. The IMEI number of the phone should match the IMEI number of the box. How old is my phone? Well, the box knows.

2. Check The Phone’s Settings

I am still using my Samsung A52. But how long have I had this phone? Well, aside from checking it on the box, there is another way of doing it. Yes, The Phone’s Settings have the manufacturing date. So, if you are asking how old my phone is, here are your answers –


This applies to both iPhone and Android. Here are the steps to help you to find out the manufacturing date of your phone –

  • Go to About Phone.
  • Look for the phone’s Serial Number.
  • This set of digits has the Device’s Manufacturing month and year.
  • Based on the manufacturer of the phone, the date might differ.

How Old Is My Phone?: Samsung

Here is how you can find out your Samsung phone’s age –

  • Look for the fourth character in the Serial Number. This letter suggests the manufacturing date of the phone. For example – M means 2019, and N means 2020.
  • The fifth character of the serial number means the manufacturing month. For example – 4 means April.
  • Once you combine the fourth and the fifth letter of the serial number, you get the manufacturing year and month. For example, M5 means 2020, March.

How Old Is My Phone?: iPhone

Now, if you are an iPhone user, you need to follow these steps –

  • Find out your iPhone’s model.
  • In the Serial Code, look for the fourth character. This character on Apple shows the year or the half-year time of the phone’s manufacturing.
  • If the character is C, it means that the phone is manufactured between January To June. But if the number is D, then it covers the months between July to December.
  • The Fifth character of the Serial Code suggests the week of manufacturing.
  • If you see CJ in the serial code, then it means that the phone was manufactured between 2010 to 2020. But if the phone’s model is the iPhone 11, then the manufacturing year should be 2019. The letter J suggests the second of April. 

3. Use An App

How long have I been on my phone? There is another answer to this bothersome question. You can use apps that tell you the age of your phone. Yes, it is not impossible. If you hate looking for the Serial Number and all, then you can install an app like Device Info instead.

Use An App

Yes, these apps know how to tell how old your iphone is. All you need to do is install apps like Device Info, and the app will display the phone’s information on the screen.

4. The Manufacturing Code

You can dial a specific number that reveals the assembly date of your phone. Using it, you will find out how old your phone is. But this method is limited to specific phones.

Manufacturing Code 

All you need to do is to go to the phone’s dial pad and dial these numbers– 

  • #197328640#
  • #0000#
  • ##197328640##

Doing so will open the menu option on your phone. Next, you need to go to the menu version of the information. For example, on the phone’s assembly date, you will see the manufacturing date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Can You Tell How Old Your Phone Is By IMEI?

Ans: You need to follow these steps to find out your phone’s age using the IMEI number –

➊ Get your  IMEI number by dialing *#06#.
➋ On your preferred browser, navigate to info. 
➌ In the text box, open the IMEI number.
➍ On the page, tap on Warranty & Activity STATUS.

2. How Do I Find Out How Old My Samsung Phone Is?

Ans: You can find out the  age of your Samsung phone using the serial number. The fourth digit of the serial number shows the manufacturing year, and the fifth digit of the serial number is meant to show the manufacturing month of the phone.

3. How Do You Find Out When My Phone Was First Activated?

Ans: Here are the steps to view the date of your phone’s first activation–

➊ Go to
➋ Now click on your device.
➌ Then you have to go to your device’s settings. 
➍ It will show the date when your google account first accessed your device. 

Final Words

How old is my phone? Well, you can find this out in more than one way. The different methods explained in this article should help you check the date of your phone’s manufacturing.

Irrespective of the type of device you use, you can use these methods to check the manufacturing date of the phone and tell its age.

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