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How Old Is Sandy Cheeks? – Answered Here

how old is sandy cheeks

How old is Sandy Cheeks from spongebob? If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you have come to the right place.

Spongebob might be the SquarePants of the show. But Sand Cheeks was the smartypants. Why? Because there was no one close to her when it came to intelligence and knowledge. She was the funny scientist that many loved in Stephen Hillenburg’s famous cartoon Spongebob.

She is the only person from the surface world under the ocean. Also a scientist, Sandy cheeks is the best friend to our very own spongebob and Patrick.

Meet Sandy Cheeks: The Smartypants From Bikini Bottoms

Sandy cheeks are the scientist who lives in Bikini Bottom. Her full name is Sandra Jennifer Cheeks. She is originally from Texas and was born on November 17, 1985. She is too cool to wear an astronaut suit underwater. Instead, she has an air helmet that helps her breathe underwater. Her southern accent heavily characterizes her personality.

Meet Sandy Cheeks

No, science is not the only talent. She was the guitarist in the south American band named Blue Ink. She is also the vocalist for a side project band named World Of Fire. In addition, sandy can survive underwater due to her air helmet and cutting-edge tree dome in Bikini Bottom.

As the series progresses, Sandy becomes more complicated, funny, and funny. But how old is sandy from spongebob? You can find that out below.

How Old Is Sandy Cheeks?

It is not easy to find out the age of a cartoon character, Especially when the character is full of fun and life-like Sandy Cheeks. However, we know that Spongebob is around 36 years old. Since Sandy and Spongebob are friends, they should be the same age. 

How Old Is Sandy Cheeks

Her personality and character also suggest the same age. But real facts are more convincing than assumptions. According to the 2014 SpongeBob SquarePants Annual, this squirrel scientist was born on November 17. However, they did not confirm the year of birth.

But, according to the info available on Fandom, Sandy Cheeks was born in 1985. So she should be 37 years old if you calculate her age starting from her birthday revealed on Fandom.

So, if you ask how old sandy cheeks are, the answer should be 37 years. 

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Sandy Cheeks 

So, now you know Sandy Cheeks’ age. But if you care for some fun facts, I will indulge. So, here are some facts worth checking about sandy cheeks.

Fun Facts You Did Not Know About Sandy Cheeks

1. What’s Her Real Name?

The real name of sandy Cheeks is Sandra. She has mentioned having a twin brother. According to that, it seems that her name rhymed with her brother Randy. She also has a middle name, Jennifer.

Her name is LUma in Croatia. In the Korean dubbed version of the cartoon, she is called Darami. In Latin America, she is called Arena, and Santa-Sanna in Finland.

2. Sandy Has A Large Family

Sandy is not alone in the world. She comes from a large family. In “Surf N’ Turf,” we can see her family in a photo. She has a “ma” and a “pa” (her parents) and a twin brother named Randy. She also has an older sister whose name is Rosy. Sandy also has three nieces through her sister Rosy. They are named Macadamia, Pistachio, and Hazelnut.

3. Sandy Brought Christmas To Bikini Bottoms

The first Christmas-themed story of Spongebob introduced the Christmas holiday to the people in Bikini Bottoms through Sandy. Earlier, they did not know what Christmas was before Sandy brought it.

Initially, Spongebob mistook her Christmas tree for fire. Then, Spongebob learned about Christmas from Sandy and shared the holiday with the rest of the people in Bikini Bottom.

4. Sandy Got Arrested For Public Nudity

Sandy gets arrested in an episode called “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Sandy,” where Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula. How? Well, Plankton steals Sandy’s fur to steal the Krabby Patty Formula. Sandy, while hairless, comes to a stop instantly. But she gets arrested by the police for nudity.

5. Sandy Cheeks & Spongebob Have A Weird Relationship

Sandy Cheeks & Spongebob Weird Relationship 

The popular cartoon character Spongebob is described as an Assexsual in the series. In one of the episodes, they even hinted at him being able to reproduce asexually. However, some early episodes also hinted that he might have special feelings towards Sandy Cheeks, which is complicated. One of the episodes in the series shows Sandy and Spongebob getting married. However, it turned out to be part of a play they were acting in. there are implications that they got married. However, it is more complicated than that.

6. Sandy Is Not The First Squirrel Underwater

Other characters appear similar to sandy, who came to Bikini Bottom. In episodes such as “Dunces and Dragons” and “Pull Up a Barrel,” we see the Dark Knight and the Pirate Queen, who resemble her and seem to appear squirrels. This makes sandy, not the only squirrel underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

So, that was the answer to your question about Sandy Cheeks. She is 37 years old as of 2022. However, here are some questions and answers you may like to read. 

1. Who Is Spongebob’s Girlfriend?

Ans: The anthropomorphic squirrel Sandy’s cheeks are said to be Spongbob’s girlfriend. However, nothing seems too obvious between the two. But the fans speculate them having a romantic relationship.

2. Who Voiced Sandy Cheeks?

Ans: The voice actor of Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob is Carolyn Lawrence.

3. How Old Is Sandy Cheeks Voice?

Ans: Sandy Cheeks are 37 years old. However, the voice actor of the character, Carolyn Lawrence, is 55 years old.

Final Words 

I think you have found the answer to your question, “how old is sandy cheeks?” as per calculation, she is 37 years old. However, you should know that this information is based on data available on famous websites like Fandom. The showrunners have not revealed any specific age of the character.

If you find this content helpful, share your feedback with us. If there is any further information you want, reach out to us in the comment section.

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