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How To Get Into Golf – A Beginners Guide

Get into Golf

There are some sports that can feel much easier to get into than others.

For example, when it comes to playing football, you need a ball and a couple of friends to get started, and then later you can look for more organized groups if you are enjoying the game.

However, golf can feel like the type of game that is out of reach due to the equipment, fancy golf bags, club membership, and the location of courses, especially if there are none near to where you live.

If you want to get into golf for the first time, here are a few top pointers that can give you a helping hand.

1. Play the Short Version of the Game First

Before you even think about committing to playing 18 holes, you can give the shortened version of the game a go first. This could start with you just going to the driving range to get in a few hours of practice.

Short Version

Ideally, you will go along with somebody who already knows the game or even a pro coach to get you into it and sort out your form right from the outset.

You can also try out playing on a putting green to get this part of the game down and sorted. Once you want to get into the game properly, short or quick versions of the game can help you get the basics down and sorted.

2. Play on a Simulator

Another simple way of getting into the game of golf is by simply having a go with a golfing simulator such as the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator from Shop Indoor Golf.


Ultimately, you are going to be able to enjoy the experience of the game of golf without any of the commitment of having to need the equipment or anything like that.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to take your golf simulator experience to the next level, consider exploring the best golf simulators available. The Left Rough offers a range of top-quality golf simulators that provide a realistic and immersive golfing experience from the comfort of your own home. With advanced technology and accurate swing analysis, these simulators allow you to practice and play virtual rounds on famous courses worldwide.

3. Start Out with Some Lessons

Golf is not one of those games in which you tend to get the hang of it straight away. Even the people who have been playing for years and years can find it to be highly tough sometimes.


Therefore, you should consider investing in some lessons right from the outset. This way, you will accelerate your progress, and you are less likely to get highly frustrated and potentially even give up the game before you have had a chance to get into it properly. Swingyard offers an overview of golf if you are interested in learning more.

4. Play with People of a Similar Level

Undoubtedly, it can end up getting highly disheartening if you are getting beaten up and down the course each and every week.

Similar Level

Therefore, it will be more than worth ensuring that you are playing with people of a similar level.

This way, there will be an element of competitiveness built in right from the start, which can prove to be highly appealing and worthwhile in all sorts of different ways.



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