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Maintaining A Golf Course With Dedicated Advanced Equipment

A golf course looks disciplined and beautiful only because of its regular maintenance with sophisticatedly designed equipment.  Also, we need an experienced workforce to execute the job efficiently and faster. Without an adequate fleet of maintenance tools, it is not possible to achieve expected perfection on turf and hazard areas. For exceptional results, you need to consider some important factors in mind while buying golf course maintenance equipment. Below is a list:-

  • It must belong to a reputed brand of golf equipment.
  • Repair and replacement services should be easily available in your location.
  • Read the reviews and ratings carefully on third-party platforms to be sure about the quality performance aspects.

Mandatory golf course maintenance jobs and required equipment

1. Turf trimming

If your turf is not properly maintained,  the golf course will not be in playable condition. Different areas of a golf course including tee box, fairway, greens and rough need different consistencies of turf length. You need both reel and rotary mowers to serve the purpose.

The maintained area of a golf course occupies more than half of its land. It means mowers are the basic requirements where you need to invest with priority. We recommend John Deere golf mowers because of their longest experience in manufacturing maintenance equipment and exceptional customer support service.

2. Irrigation

Grass leaves are soft and need water on a regular basis to thrive. Newly mower turf needs a higher amount of water to recover. Mostly in hot weather, you need a proper irrigation facility throughout the year. If your turf is getting less water than required, it will turn yellow and soon. For golf courses, special irrigators are available in the market. They are equipped with a water tank and a powerful pump to sprinkle water effectively.

3. Aeration

Without an adequate amount of oxygen, turf cannot grow properly. Therefore, aeration is necessary. However, the process of aerating the soil of a golf course is more complicated than the normal fields. First of all, you need a dethatcher to remove the extra residual layer of biological waste.

After that, the spikes of aerator equipment punch holes in the ground. Sand is filled in those holes on the end. Aeration is an occasional process that we need in the areas where the surface has become tougher than usual. The John Deere golf course equipment section will have all these solutions.

4. Hazards maintenance

The hazard area of a golf course requires less maintenance but we cannot ignore it. Bushes, water bodies and bunkers are the most common areas in a golf course. If the surface of bunkers is harder than usual, you need a bunker rake to make it brittle again. For controlling the growth of large and grass and bushes, rotary trimmers are available. Instead of metal blades, they are equipped with nylon ropes for cutting.

5. Transportation

You need golf carts and utility vehicles for transportation purposes. Please check the engine efficiency and carrier space of a vehicle carefully before buying.

If available in finely working condition, you can also buy some maintenance equipment from a pre-owned equipment store.

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