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4 Reasons To Keep Up With Parking Lot Maintenance For Your Business

Parking Lot Maintenance

If you have ever been in the market to buy a home, the one term you probably heard bandied about is “curb appeal.”

A properly maintained and well-groomed exterior of a home immediately adds both value and attraction and why a broker will always advise the seller to do a bit of landscaping, if necessary, along with a bit of grounds maintenance.

4 Prime Reasons for Parking Lot Maintenance

Although you may not be selling your business, anyone seeing your establishment for the first time will get a first impression of how your business looks from the outside.

Believe it or not, this includes your parking lot as well, and beyond that all-important first impression, there are other reasons to keep up with parking lot maintenance as well.

Here are just four of those reasons.

1. To Preserve the Quality and Lifespan of the Pavement

A well-maintained parking lot not only helps to preserve the quality but also aids in extending its lifespan. In this case, maintenance means keeping up with all repairs no matter how minor.

Lifespan of the Pavement

If needed, you should fill in all cracks and holes while ensuring the paint on parking spaces remains visible. If not, repaint. Then a good sealant should be laid down.

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2. Mitigate Liability Risk

By keeping up with parking lot maintenance you will also be reducing exposure to liability suits. Not only will pedestrians file a claim if they trip on a hole or huge bump in the pavement, but cars can be damaged as well.

Liability Risk

Take the steps mentioned above to preserve the quality of your parking lot’s pavement so that you can mitigate exposure to costly liability claims.

3. Costs Less to Maintain than to Repave

Even when you need to bring a paving company out to repaint parking space lines and fill in cracks and holes, it costs less than repaving the entire lot.


Here again, that seal coating is of utmost importance if you want to preserve the lifespan of your lot. It costs so much less to keep up with maintenance than it does to go through all the steps of repaving a lot.

4. Indicative of Professional Standards

In the very beginning, we mentioned the importance of curb appeal. However, it cannot be said enough just how important that initial impression is to prospective customers or clients.

Professional Standards

It works much the same as going to a job interview dressed suitably well. Your appearance when walking in to be interviewed provides the interviewer a quick glance at your level of professionalism. The same holds true with a parking lot and the impression it gives to first-time visitors.

It’s important to understand that keeping your parking lot well-maintained is less expensive than repaving every few years. In addition to reducing exposure to costly claims, you are giving that all-important initial glimpse into the professionalism inherent in your company.

When added up, these benefits offer so much more than the minimal cost of upkeep, so doesn’t it make sense to spend a little today to save a lot tomorrow?



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