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Podiatrist’s Tips For Looking After Your Feet

Your Feet

Your feet are very important, but not that often do we think about our feet’s health. It is like that negligible part of our body that we do not care about unless there is a serious issue.

However, your feet are not an appendix when it comes to body parts. The appendix does not have any function; your feet, on the other hand, do go through a lot, especially if you are an athlete or fitness worker, where most of your work depends on the sole of your feet, more so, if you need alignment and the proper support in your feet.

Taking Care Of Your Feet

Now that we have established that taking care of your feet is important when it comes to keeping them healthy, let us understand how we can do so.

Taking Care Of Your Feet

1. Cleanliness Is Very Important

Keeping your feet clean is very important, as suggested by podiatrists. This is because they have reported cases of foot infection and the building of fungus because the feet were not cleaned properly. Therefore, every day when you reach home, it is important that you clean your feet with warm water and soap.

This is especially important when you wear shoes and socks every day. However, do not soak your feet in soap because that can strip your feet of all the essential oils and make your feet dry and crusty soon.

Therefore, the first step of foot care is definitely regular cleanup.

2. Visit A Podiatrist

Just like you should get a health checkup of your full body and go to the dentist and the gynecologist regularly, your feet are also another body part that needs regular checking. This also means small cramps or pulls on your feet that seem to linger more than usual; you shouldn’t think of them as anything.

If you’re an athlete or someone who has a lot of footwork, it is better to get a regular checkup from an expert. At times, we think that nothing is wrong with us, but upon checkup, new diseases or issues come up.

If these are not treated now or later, they can cause major issues to your feet. Get your first appointment from Podologo Santo Domingo today.

3. Wear The Right Shoes

Podiatrists cannot stress this point enough, but wearing the right kind of shoes is very important. Weaning the wrong kind of shoes can give you both long-term and short-term issues

You will cramp or strain your feet more often when it comes to too much physical activity. Like if you follow a fitness regime and do cardio like cycling, skipping ropes, running, or walking, wearing the right kind of athletic shoes is very important.

The same goes for wearing the right size for your shoes and wearing heels only occasionally.

4. Your Nails Are Important

Taking care of your nails while you take care of your feet is also very important. For example, when it comes to long nails, they have to be trimmed regularly, so you do not face any such issues while walking.

You have to clean the insides of your nails every once a week, and any kind of ingrown hair treats them professionally rather than trying to treat it yourself by pulling or angering. This can lead to bleeding and, in some cases, the worst infection, which will need a small surgery.

So, treat them early.

5. Regular Detox

Foot detox helps to remove all the bacteria and antioxidants from the sole of your feet. Plus, it also helps to strip the dry skin from them, exfoliate the dead skin, and rejuvenate.

You can do it at home with a few cosmetic kits, or you can go to a foot spa to get it professionally done. This is also a good way to add some extra pampering to your feet and make it all smooth and ready for the upcoming month.

Wrap Them Up!

Your feet might seem like a very small part of your body, but they are nevertheless important. Whether you are doing some manual task or not, the soles of your feet go through a lot on a daily basis, and they need some care and pampering.

On the other hand, they can also be a hotspot for fungal diocese and infections. So, a regular check-up is mandatory.



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