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Ways To Make Your Company Greener

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With climate change hitting the headlines on a daily basis, it’s vital for companies to start thinking seriously about how they can become more environmentally friendly. This is true no matter how big your company is, what industry you operate in, or how many staff you employ.

Not only is it important for the planet, but it can also cut your costs and even improve your reputation with clients and customers. Here are some of the most effective ways your business can go green.

1. Set up a sustainability team

Set up a sustainability team

One of the initial actions you can take is to form a sustainability team. Choose a group of staff who are enthusiastic about making the company more environmentally friendly and make sure that you allocate enough time and resources to the project to allow them to put some meaningful changes in place.

This will help to translate your good intentions into effective results, get more employees involved, and show the world that you are serious about going green.

2. Encourage Green Practices In Your Staff

To have a green company, everyone within it needs to be on board with the cause. This means that you need to provide the resources and help to ensure that your staff can achieve your green goals. Things such as gifting reusable water bottles and flasks will reduce the amount of single-use plastic, and setting up a carpool system will ensure people are green even on their way to work.

You can also highlight other green things they can do in their life, such as practicing green and safe driving. By reducing speed, driving in the correct gear, and avoiding excessive acceleration, you’ll be able to reduce Co2 emissions. Plus, this might also benefit your staff, as green driving is often rewarded with lower insurance premiums, like those offered by Root Insurance, which provides auto insurance in Colorado Springs.

3. Move towards a paperless office

Move towards a paperless office

We can all agree that most offices end up wasting a lot of paper, so aiming to become a paperless workplace – or simply to cut down on paper use – is a fantastic way to go green.

To begin with, ask staff to only print documents when it’s absolutely necessary – and when they do print a file, to use the double-sided printing option. That alone can halve the amount of paper used! You can also request that people distribute agendas for meetings and similar documents via email rather than handing out physical copies.

Not only is this good for the environment, but it also reduces the number of clutter people have on their desks and makes the office look tidier. Finally, be sure to have recycling bins placed prominently throughout the workplace so that it’s easy for people to recycle the paper they do use.

4. Use less water and electricity

Cutting down on the amount of electricity and water used in the office is an effective way to reduce both your company’s carbon footprint and the amount you spend on utilities. You can achieve this by:

  • Asking staff to turn off their computers when they leave instead of putting them on standby.
  • Putting motion-sensor lights in corridors and stairwells so that they only come on when needed.
  • Installing toilets with eco flush systems in the restrooms.
  • Utilizing a hybrid work system where employees work from home a couple of days a week.
  • Have motion-sensor taps in the restrooms so that they don’t get left on accidentally.
  • Ensuring any water leaks are fixed promptly.


These four tips are always going to boost your company’s greener prospective progress. Follow these four tips and make your company popular. Because the new smart thing is to go green and play a responsibility to make your world a better place to live, keep following the tips and let us know your opinion in the comment sections.

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