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Maximize Your Ebike Experience With HAOQI’s 3-Year FREE Battery Replacement Policy


Electric bikes have revolutionized how humans commute, exercise, and explore the world around us.

They have also gained immense popularity over the years, being a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. As the demand for electric bikes grows, manufacturers keep implementing innovative solutions to enhance users’ overall riding experience. One company that stands out in this regard is HAOQI ebike.

HAOQI is a leading e-bike manufacturing company prioritizing customer satisfaction and long-term value. Based on the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional services, HAOQI has a 3-year free battery replacement policy. This groundbreaking policy ensures riders have reliable power and peace of mind throughout their journeys.

Let’s delve deeper into the details of this remarkable policy and discover how it enhances riders’ electric bike journey.

How HAOQI’s Battery Replacement Policy Works

HAOQI implemented a 3-year free battery replacement policy at the beginning of 2023. The brand recognized the needs of most ebike users, which are long-lasting or durable battery brands. As a result, HAOQI is providing an innovative solution to both riders of high and low income. That is, you can enjoy the free battery replacement service without paying a dime. However, you need to confirm if you meet the following requirements.

  • Battery capacity should be below 70%.
  • Only request a replacement within three years from the date of purchase.
  • Request a replacement service card through the customer service team by providing your battery code and order number.
  • Add the old batteries while sending the replacement service card. This is to promote environmental sustainability and prevent earth littering.

Also, your complaint will not be accepted if you belong to any of these situations:

  • Uses non-original or modified batteries.
  • You have used the battery for over the specified 3-year warranty period.
  • The product was used or purchased outside of the United States.
  • The battery’s damages result from careless usage. This may include improper storage, exposure to rain, chemicals, abrasives, or any other impact caused by human factors.

Knowing the requirements or terms and conditions of HAOQI 3-year free battery replacement, it’s crucial to examine its importance.

Importance Of E-bike Batteries

E-bike batteries are the primary power source for electric bikes, providing the necessary energy to propel the bike forward. Thus, they determine the power and performance capabilities of an electric bike. This implies that higher-quality batteries with larger capacities deliver more power, faster acceleration, and smoother rides.

When your electric bike battery is in good condition, it will allow you to cover a longer distance or range. You wouldn’t have to worry about running out of power or being stuck in the middle of the road. E-bike batteries also offer the convenience of recharging at home or charging stations. This way, you wouldn’t need to worry about frequently visiting the gas station.

Why You May Need A Battery Replacement

Since batteries play a significant role in ensuring electric bikes perform effectively, you shouldn’t hesitate to replace a damaged one. Also, batteries wear out over time, so replacing an old one before it stops working is essential. Below is a highlight of possible reasons you may need a battery replacement.

  • Battery failure: Battery failure may result from malfunctioning or electrical issues. If your HAOQI battery fails to charge or does not provide consistent power output, you may report it to the HAOQI customer service team. You may also complain about unusual behavior, such as excessive voltage fluctuations or overheating.
  • Battery capacity declines: If your HAOQI capacity declines within the 3-year warranty, report to the customer service team. This decline is sometimes a natural part of the battery’s lifecycle or environmental conditions. However, HAOQI will not consider hazardous environmental situations such as flooding, earthquake, windstorm, or lightning.
  • Physical damage: As mentioned earlier, damages caused by human carelessness nullify the 3-year free replacement policy from HAOQI. However, you should consider buying a new battery if the old one was accidentally dropped on the ground. This may cause internal damage to the battery, affecting its overall performance.

Advantages Of HAOQI’s Battery Replacement Policy

HAOQI’s battery replacement policy ensures that riders can enjoy consistent, reliable power throughout the 3-year duration. Thus, riders are guaranteed optimal performance and range, even as the original battery ages.

1. Eliminates Financial Burden

Replacing an e-bike battery can be expensive, especially for high-quality batteries with advanced technology. HAOQI’s policy eliminates this financial burden by offering free battery replacement within the 3-year warranty period. This will also help riders allocate resources toward other aspects of their e-bike experience. They can even invest in additional accessories or technology upgrades.

2. Provide Riders with a Sense of Peace

Knowing that HAOQI provides a 3-year free battery replacement gives riders a sense of security and peace. It reduces concern about battery performance degradation or sudden failure. Also, a company providing up to 3 years warranty can provide quality products. Since HAOQI has chosen to take responsibility for any technical damage or error, riders can focus on enjoying their rides.

3. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Over time, HAOQI manufacturers have proven their dedication to satisfying customers and meeting their needs. The battery replacement policy agrees with HAOQI’s long-term value, improving the brand’s reputation. This customer-centric approach fosters trust and builds loyalty. It’s one of the most effective ways to get loyal customers. Riders are more likely to choose HAOQI products in the future and also recommend them to their loved ones. This is because they know a generous policy that supports their investment.

4. Competitive Edge

The 3-year free replacement policy will also give the company some added advantages. The electric bike industry is highly competitive, so customers need to be attracted by juicy incentives. Thus, the HAOQI replacement policy gives the company a significant advantage over its competitors. Also, the exceptional after-sales service and support from HAOQI set it apart from other companies. This appeals to prospective buyers who value long-term relationships with their manufacturers.

Testimonials And Feedback From HAOQI Customers

HAOQI is known for providing its customers with premium satisfaction. Here are three customers’ words about HAOQI products and its services. These reviews are confirmations that HAOQI’s team always prioritizes customers’ needs. Thus, you can be certain you will get the 3-year free battery replacement provided you meet the criteria.

Calvin G.

“Hello, I have the green leopard pro, and it’s been an amazing trail bike. Has a lot of power, and the pedal assists really help for a long day of riding. We use them all the time for traveling the woods and finding campsites and best of all, I have a solar charger for ours, and it’s great for the woods. You never left with a dead battery, and I’ve had many to say miles. The climbing hills and splash of mud puddles are great, and it’s just an overall great bike. If you’re looking for the right Ebike, I will tell you, well, here is the one for you and many more sizes for the family. Kindest regard, the best bike out there..,”

John S.

“After receiving the bike, it was a breeze to put together. Only one small part was defective, no fault of Haoqiebike. Most likely from a shipping company. The company is mailing me a new one. No problem. This thing is a beast! I’m 360LB, and I feel like a kid again. No problem going up hills. Stopping power is better than my motorcycle. The throttle response is better than I expected. Lights are very visible for safety. I’ve tried four diff e-bikes, and this one takes the cake. 5 stars all the way!! I plan to ride this all summer and get healthy. Thank you HaoqieBike!!!”

Chuck D.

“I purchased a Dual-battery Cheetah back in March of this year. I got the bike in just three days and was extremely happy with my new Cheetah! Unfortunately, I misjudged a curb just one week later and scratched my brand-new bike. Feeling really bummed and embarrassed, I got on the Chat line with Emily @ and told her my sob story. She asked me to take a picture of the scratch, so they would know how much touch-up paint to send me. I told Emily I would pay for the paint and freight if necessary. To my surprise, a couple of weeks later, I get two bottles of touch-up paint(1 green for the bike and one black for the rack) at no charge! I am EXTREMELY happy with my bike and your OUTSTANDING service! I would HIGHLY recommend this Company to all!! Thank you, Haoqie Bikes! Chuck D.”


HAOQI has one of the best customer service teams in the e-bike industry. The team is always available to attend to customers 24/7, and you can send a message here. More so, HAOQI established a readily available communication channel to encourage every eligible customer to participate in the battery replacement policy.

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