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Speed Boat Tours In Miami: A Credible Rental Company

Speed Boat Tours

Initially, the fullness of life implied creating conditions for comfortable living.

However, as human goals have significantly changed over the last century, the meaning of a long and happy life has acquired new shades.

So, can you say your life is full without experiencing speedboat rides? Probably not. So, do not put your rest on the back burner but visit to book the race of your dream.

Strong Reasons to Book Speed Boats in Miami

Book Speed Boats

Why speed boats?

They are created for extreme sports fans and those not ready to give up a buzz but strive to live brightly every minute, conquering new peaks. The sea boats have a speed of up to 62 knots, which is significantly higher than yachts offer. Besides, high maneuverability expands the opportunities.

Speed boats are about to drive. Only by riding on this type of water transport can you fully enjoy the engine’s power, excellent handling, and vehicle zeal at high speeds. In addition, all boats offered by JetBoatMiami are notable for their comfort, space, and good visibility from the deck.

Speed boats are designed to be easy to drive. They provide a sense of calm and confidence when riding even at maximum speed. Acceleration is gradual, fairly mild, and without the jerking inherent to other marine vehicles.

Jet boats are made of high-strength aluminum or fiberglass. They are powerful and dynamic watercraft for recreation, racing, and fishing. Due to special elements in the chassis, speed boats from JetBoatMiami are characterized by increased maneuverability, strength, and improved running properties.

Why Should You Rent a Speed Boat from JetBoatMiami?

Are you looking for a perfect speed boat Miami tour? Then, JetBoatMiami rental operator is at your disposal, willing to offer various options:

  • This is a real emotional adventure rather than a ride in the breeze. Speed boats accommodate a different number of guests, turning into a party vehicle at high speed under your favorite tracks streaming from the boat’s audio system.
  • Skydiving or riding a motorcycle on an empty highway is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about extreme and freedom. However, running the boat provide the same feeling. An experienced captain will teach the subtleties and nuances of those booking exclusive trips. You can bring a company of friends to share vivid emotions from this entertainment.
  • Wakeboarding, water skiing, and other individual activities are additional fun, making your journey even more exciting.
  • JetBoatMiami also arranges 30-minute group speed rides to let customers enjoy views and adrenaline rush.
  • Alongside positive impressions, you’ll get videos, pictures, and souvenir T-shirts to remember your trip forever.

Whatever you choose, quality vehicles, top-notch service, and a loyal crew will make your experience 100% seamless. The company guarantees a nice boat ride in broad daylight or at sunset. Moreover, you might be lucky to meet dolphins!

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Service Quality: Should you Deal with JetBoatMiami?


Miami is a great place full of natural and manufactured miracles. However, they may fade if the service leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, JetBoatMiami knows a lot about customers’ needs.

Adventure-seekers may always count on the full understanding and personalized offers from the forthcoming crew. Of course, no one cancels safety and other rules to follow. Still, the operator considers individual wishes and does all its best to fulfill them.

JetBoatMiami Prices and Refund Policy

Of course, costs are the first thing people usually think about before renting a jet boat. Actually, JetBoatMiami offers average prices depending on the ride’s duration and additional services. Besides, children from 3 to 11 enjoy discounts, significantly saving family budgets.

The company will return the money if you change your plans because of a force majeure. The key point is to warn the operator within 24 hours before your ride. However, suppose you are not in place half an hour before departure. In that case, the company may sell your booking to other customers.

Safety and Security of Booking Jet Boat Rides from JetBoatMiami Online

Safety and Security of Booking Jet

The operator has a reliable official website to book online and make payments.

It is completely safe, having 2048-bit encryption and using FareHarbor’s software for successful transactions. You can safely pay with debit/credit bank cards or prepaid vouchers (gift cards) directly from your desktop or mobile device.

No data leaks or failed transactions are possible. Still, if you have questions, please contact the agency via email or phone during a business day.

Final Thoughts

If you want to experience the bells and whistles of Miami high-speed rides, JetBoatMiami is one of the best rentals on the market. The company’s offers, payments, and booking are easy, affordable, and transparent. Thus, you always know what you pay for and what you get. No pitfall will spoil your rest. Instead, galloping on the ocean waves and cutting through deep waters on skyrocketing vehicles facing the win will get you rid of the trouble and annoying thought about daily routines.



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