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Games As A Modern Way Of Studying And Developing Strategic Thinking

Developing Strategic Thinking

In recent years, gaming has gained much popularity in the classroom setting.

A fantastic educational tactic incorporates enjoyable activities like gaming into the learning process.

It offers students the chance to experience learning in an experimental environment. However, there are many other advantages. Gaming helps to build and explore a world that is within control while also giving college students practice in adult responsibilities.

Students can specifically use these educational games for active learning. Games have the potential to generate a dynamic environment. Students can find essay examples of their favorite video game to improve their understanding of strategy.

It can help them to build their problem-solving skills in an environment that is rich in learning opportunities. Undoubtedly, playing games regularly is essential for the growth of a healthy brain.

Why Games have a Positive Effect on Children’s Development 

Gaming can have beneficial consequences on your child. It can teach active skills and enhance development. Below, let’s examine why it has a positive effect on children’s development:

1. Rapid Thinking and Analysis

Rapid Thinking and Analysis

The mental capacity of a student is put to the test when they engage in gaming. Playing games that simulate stressful events could be a school training tool for real-world scenarios. Playing action games trains the brain to respond and make judgments in a split second. Video games may help train both military personnel and medical professionals.

2. It Increases one’s Capacity for Reading and Maths

Reading and Maths

Reading allows the children to gain information from the instructional text. They follow the plots to receive directions on how to play. Gaming exposes children to math skills. Having strong mathematical abilities is necessary to succeed in many games. This is because some need quantitative analysis, such as resource management. You should get the best online math learning, which uses rapid and fun learning and guarantees results in a month.

3. It can Alleviate Stress Through Healthy Play

Healthy Play

Playing helps children build safe, stable, as well as nurturing relationships. This serves as a block against stress and establishes social and emotional resilience. This is in addition to the fact that it helps children improve their health and development. The personal interactions that occur during play can help manage the body’s stress response.

This massively aids development in children. In classrooms, when children are stressed, engaging in some minutes of gaming can save the day.

4. Improves Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-Solving Skills

Gaming helps children become more creative. It actively stimulates their creative side. A child’s ability to think creatively is a crucial skill that enables them to think outside the box. To a large extent, gaming improves learning

and aids in the development of children’s ability to solve problems. Playing strategy games may help children’s ability to establish problem-solving skills. The youngster could gain this skill with the resources available.

5. The Requirement for Competence


The sensation of being able to master a specific activity implies the desire for competence. Children who have a strong sense of their competence are likely to persevere in adversity.

They are likely to achieve higher academic success than others with a weaker sense of their abilities. Educators should set tasks at an appropriately tricky level. This makes the task challenging but not insurmountable.

Otherwise, students may feel less-spirited if they can quickly complete the task. They might also feel stressed if it’s too complicated. That is the reason striking a balance is essential.

Examples of Games that Can Help Develop Various Useful Skills

The following are some examples of games that can assist in developing valuable skills.

1. Bingo

Educators can use Bingo to review the material covered in the class and assist students in their test preparation. Bingo is vital when teaching challenging vocabulary terms or multiplication tables.

It is prepared with a grid for each student in which mathematical expressions or questions are written. Afterward, they read items from a list corresponding to the questions, and the students listen for their options.

Whenever students hear an answer, they mark the grid. The student who successfully fills their whole grid with the highest number of correct answers wins the round. Bingo enhances smartness and quick thinking.

2. Portal 2

Children playing in Portal 2 must use their intellect to break free from Aperture Laboratories. They take on the power-crazed robot at the center of the story.

This contrasts with most video games where players must shoot their way to victory. Portal 2 provides a mentally challenging experience. It is regarded as one of the greatest video games that improve creative thinking.

3. Dota 2

Dota 2 is a battle arena game. It is in the category of strategy games. Dota 2 is a multiplayer strategy game where players collaborate to achieve strategic objectives.

Each team has five players, and each player on a team controls their hero. Performing this action comes with unique skills and abilities. It has more than one hundred potential heroes with diverse skills and an in-game economy. There is a large area where players struggle to protect their base while destroying the opposing base.

4. Kahoot

One of the best characteristics of Kahoot is the fact that it is simple to use. Anyone can do it! Fun educational games can be played and shared for free. They can cover any topic.

As an educator, you can tailor them to meet the educational requirements of your students. You can also customize any of the millions of pre-made games already available to you. Students can play Kahoot on any device and don’t even need an account to participate. It’s just one click to start playing.


Gaming is vital for children’s cognitive growth and academic development.

It is one of the best ways for parents and teachers to encourage educational development. They should try to steer their youngsters toward playing instructional video games.

Education becomes more fun with the introduction of gaming. It relieves stress and improves the mental capacity of children.



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