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How To Measure The Success Of Your Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Businesses put a lot of time and effort into their social media campaigns because it is a highly effective way of reaching out to potential new customers. But how do you know if it has been a success? Well, depending on the objectives and desired outcomes of your social media campaigns, you can calculate and compare the success of your social media campaign by looking at things such as engagement with the campaign, an increase in followers, awareness and reach, leads, conversions, and website traffic.

Customer Engagement With Your Campaign

Customer Engagement With Your Campaign

It’s never been easier to measure how customers have engaged with your marketing strategy. Depending on which social media platform you are using, things like retweets, likes, bookmarks, and time spent watching your Instagram stories or videos can now be monitored in real-time by using a social listening tool.

This will allow you to look at a wide range of data sources for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and many more.

Reach And Mentions

The reach of your campaign is not necessarily a way of measuring its success, but it certainly helps. The reach indicates the number of people who have seen your publication once and is a great way to at least quantify the potential size of your audience. If, for example, your post has a reach of 20,000, that means 20,000 users have at least seen your post on their timeline.

A large reach or viewership means nothing, however, if customers are not engaging with your content. Being mentioned (for example, when someone shares your content using @yourusername) is often a sign that your content is being liked for its quality, and is actively being engaged with. The more mentions, you receive, the more people you are guaranteed to reach.

Changes In Follower And Subscriber Community

Follower And Subscriber Community

The increase or decrease in your followers or subscribers is highly indicative of the quality of your content, and whether your campaign has been a success or not.

An increase in followers generally means your content is being engaged with and enjoyed. Follower counts should be monitored closely as their fluctuation directly correlates with the quality of your content and the acquisition of new customers.

Timing Of Your Campaign

You should also consider the timing of your campaign: when, for example, you are going to post, and how frequently. Observe the time of day your campaign is being engaged with the most.

This will also allow you to gage who your customers are and what parts of the world your campaign is the most successful in. Communicating your campaign effectively on social media by understanding the timing of your posts is a sure way to guarantee a successful marketing campaign.

A New Age Of Marketing

Age Of Marketing

The age of the internet and social media has transformed business marketing and advertising. It is therefore vital, currently, that businesses utilize social media campaigning to sell their products and services.

This is pointless, however, if businesses are not reaching any potential new customers. Businesses must therefore be aware of things like reach, mentions, engagement with content, and any changes in followers in order to gage the success of their social media campaigns.

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