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Download Facebook Social Toolkit Free Latest Version In 2023

Facebook Social Toolkit

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 billion users. For anyone having an online business, it is the best and most reliable source for promoting the brand or conducting other activities. As the digital industry experienced a boom in the recent few years, it is impeccable for marketers to reach out to their customers through this platform. 

If you want to get, your activities flowing smoothly, downloading the Facebook Social Toolkit will be the best choice that you can make. It is software that has specifically designed to make one’s job much easier when operating over that platform. So, if let us follow the article to learn more about how we can download and use it. 

What Is A Facebook Social Toolkit?

Facebook Social ToolkitRemember, when you find your Facebook URL here. Well, that’s how easy it is to install the Facebook Social Toolkit. Today, it is one of the most used and basic extensions required for the Google Chrome browser. This kit is compiled of various Facebook automation tools directed to help you save time. The popularity of this software is due to its availability of a wide variety of special features. 

Being an online marketer, you will realize that there are various processes that consume a huge amount of time when working on Facebook. However, our savior is there to the rescue. The FST has such functions that can complete lengthy activities in just a few seconds. 

What Are The Features Offered By Facebook Social Toolkit?

As I have already mentioned that the Facebook Social Toolkit has a whole lot of features; in this section, you can actually get to know about them. The features that this software provides are unimaginable. When you can save time on these, there will be a lot of other important aspects that you will be able to focus on. 

1. Inviting All Users To Like Your Page

Being an online marketer or having an online business calls for maintaining a prominent social media presence. Thus, when you have your own Facebook page, the most important thing that you would want is to gain more likes and for people to know about your page. 

Now, if you decide to invite each and every one of your friends, it will cause you to lose a lot of time and energy. However, with the help of this toolkit, you can send out invitations all at once for liking your page. 

2. Adding Your Followers To Your Group

I am sure you are aware of Facebook groups. These groups on Facebook provide an excellent opportunity to promote your brand or even products. After the creation of a page, many marketers around the world decide to make a group in order to analyze the responses of his or her followers and members. 

Again, adding members to the group is a very lengthy and irritating process. Thus, the presence of the social toolkit will allow you to add everyone you want to add at one go. 

3. Send & Accept Multiple Friend Requests

When you have a page or business profile on Facebook, you will need to have a lot of friends on the platform. This will ensure your brand prominence. It is a very basic strategy to improve your networking channel. 

For this, you will need to send out requests to various people continuously. With the help of the Facebook Social Toolkit, you can save most of your time as it will let you send and accept requests to and from as many people as you want. 

4. Unfriend All At Once

Sometimes you will find several unwanted people or spam profiles on your list. These profiles can often turn out to be hackers. 

Thus, it is essential to sweep these profiles out. The Facebook Social Toolkit can again help you unfriend multiple accounts at a single click. 

What Are The Free Tools Offered In The Facebook Social Toolkit?

Free Tools Offered In FSTThe latest free version of the FST offers a number of exclusive tools. These automation tools are what functions as the features of this software to make our job easier. Below listed are some of those tools:

  • Facebook Video Downloader
  • Event Invitation Tool
  • Friends Suggestion Tool
  • Facebook ID Extractor

On another side, the Facebook Social Toolkit Premium version is also available. This tool has been more advanced designed to cater to the needs of the premium members. It is much more useful and has a never-ending list of ultimate features. 

How To Download Facebook Social Toolkit For Free?

Download Facebook Social Toolkit For FreeSince the FST extension has been removed from the Chrome extension store, it needs to be downloaded manually. I would have said you could ignore it, but downloading the FST extension is an integral factor to even improve and grow your online business. 

It is often seen to be used for marketing campaigns that help to elevate sales. Downloading this software will require you to follow through with some important steps. Let us focus on the installation procedure:

  • To your surprise, we have a special gift for you. Just click here to find out. Well, yes, it is the premium and latest version of the Facebook Social Toolkit. You can now avail each and every exclusive feature of the software. This is the first step of the entire procedure. 
  • The next step calls for downloading the file. The downloaded file is obtained in a compressed version. The zip file then needs to be extracted to any folder with the help of any extraction software such as WinRar. 
  • The last and final step calls for check ticking the developer mode after opening the chrome://extensions/. The extracted file can then be chosen from >>open on Load Unpacked>>. Finally, you just need to wait for the successful installation of the extension.
  • Post-installation, you can find the tool icon just beside the address bar of the Google Chrome browser. Follow the instructions by clicking on the Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension, and you are all set to use the software now. 

Final Thoughts

From the very beginning of the year, since the digital industry witnessed a boom, the Facebook Social Toolkit has been a top trending element in the sector. I tried my best to elucidate on the topic and help you get to download the software easily. 

Installing this extension is no hard work. I hope you wouldn’t have any more doubts about how useful this tool is. If you want to get into the marathon, you got to download this right now!

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