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How to Make Sure You’re Reaching Your Target Audience With Your Search Engine Campaigns

Target Audience

Did you know that Google commands more than 90% of the search engine market share?

Out of the approximately 4.39 billion internet users today, Google boasts about 4 billion users worldwide.

There are millions of Google users scanning through pages and sites daily. This creates unlimited advertising opportunities for everyone online.

With audience targeting, businesses can generate personalized marketing messages for their search engine target audience. That way, you get more clicks, increased conversions, and sales for your business.

8 Ways Of Making Sure About Reaching Target Audience With SEM Campaigns

This article provides useful tips for targeting the right audiences with your search engine marketing campaigns.

1. Analyze Your Target Audience Data

First, you’ll need to identify your target audiences and understand what makes them want to buy your products. Otherwise, it would be hard to target your marketing to the right customers.

Target Audience Data

Fortunately, you can use data analytic tools like Google Analytics to assess and analyze your audience data. Google Analytics allows you to track and analyze important data about your existing and potential new clients.

Google Analytics helps you see your audience demographics and analyze important metrics like your conversion rate. You can also tell the pages that customers visit on your website and the time spent on the page.

After conducting your analysis, try to understand your target audience better. For instance, the data might show that majority of your customers come from a specific city, state, or town. Using online forms can also be very useful in understanding your customers better. Just setup the right questions to ask for and design the questions to generate genuine customer responses.

Such information can be useful to help you segment your target audiences. This will help you attract a group of consumers with varying interests in your products and services.

2. Find the Right Match

The Google Ads platform provides access to different match types that you can use for your Google search targeting. These match types include Broad, Phrase, Exact, and Broad Match Modifier, BMM.

Right Match

Keep in mind that your Google Ad will take form in different ways depending on the match type you choose. Broad match is laxer, thus allowing your Google Ad to pop up for an array of search phrases related to the keyword.

Unlike a broad match, an exact match is more particular when it comes to your Ad appearing for the searched keywords. Broad Match Modifier is more like a wide match that’s more organized than the phrase match.

3. Invest in SEO

A working SEO strategy can help boost your website rankings on search engine results. This increases your online visibility and allows more new users to find your business online.


SEO helps your brand rank highly and reach consumers actively looking for your products and services online. Perform keyword research to get high-quality keywords and phrases your target market is looking for online.

Further, ensure you use long-tail keywords as opposed to generic keywords. Generic keywords don’t focus on crucial details, reducing your Ad ranking in search engines.

You can then distribute these keywords across the content uploaded to your website to help boost your rankings. Also, generate custom content that provides solutions to your target audiences’ queries.

Ensure that your custom content provides value to your target audience. Ideally, if you go up by one ranking spot in search engine result pages, your click-through rate increases by more than 30%.

This explains why many businesses are investing heavily in implementing their SEO strategies.

4. Create Ads That Have an Emotional Appeal

Usually, an Ad will stick out to your target audience if it has an emotional appeal to them. Although this sounds simple, giving your Ads a creative touch is among the best ways to attract your client’s attention.

Create Ads

It’s best to work on the quality score of your Google Ads. Let your Ads be simple and well-designed. That way, Google will rank the Ad higher in search lists, motivating users to click on your Ad if it catches the eye.

5. Use Social Media Ad Targeting

Social media Ads can make an excellent audience targeting strategy for your business. Today, many people use different social media platforms actively.

Social Media

So, these platforms provide a great channel to promote your business and reach your target audiences. Many social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have useful audience targeting elements.

The features make sure that users who make potential customers to your products view your Ad.

With Facebook Ad targeting, you can reach users depending on purchase history, demographics, and interests. You can also tell how users connect to your brand by checking if they’re among your social media followers.

6. Know Your Demographic Filters

Identifying the correct demographic filters is critical for your search engine targeting. You must clearly understand your target market regarding age group, gender, and geographical location.

Demographic Filters

After your filters become optimized, Google will sell your Ads more within the selected demographic filters. This measure ensures the intended audiences get the most exposure to your business products and services.

7. Boost Your Ads Experience Using Remarketing

The chances of a potential client buying your product immediately after clicking on your Ad are very small. Usually, the potential customer will search through the market and choose what they feel is the best.


So, you must understand how to make an impression on the new customers to encourage them to return and buy a product. In such a case, remarketing comes in handy.

One way to get back to the already gone client is through targeted messaging. After visiting your business website, your visitor gets tagged with cookies.

So, you can remind them to buy your products and services while they check other websites. By doing so, you increase the chances of these new potential customers buying your products.

8. Understanding Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is beneficial to your business for many reasons. STP marketing helps your business get more high-quality leads and boost web traffic.

Audience Targeting

As a result, you increase your sales and earn high returns on your investment. Applying the above tips will boost your audience targeting and help bring more clients to your business.

You can also consult with your digital marketing company about the best Google search targeting practices for your business.

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