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Teresa Fidalgo – Is It Real Or A Fake Ghost Story?

So, my friend Jimmy came to me with another one of his weird issues. He showed me his phone, and a copy-paste message got him threatened. The minute I saw the news, I started to laugh. It was that message we used to get from the famous ghost on the internet named Teresa Fidalgo.

Me: Do you live in the stone age, Jimmy?

Jimmy: Why?

Me: This is old. You don’t need to send it to 20 people. Nothing will happen if you don’t send the message to 20 people. It is an internet myth.

Jimmy: Well, is it?

I had to explain it to him, and I thought you could also use an explanation. So here is a complete story of Teresa Fidalgo and a description of whether she is real or fake.

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo?

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo

In 2003, a clip went viral on the internet. The video clip looked very close to being real as if it was not a movie. However, the clip was from a Portuguese film. 

According to the viral story, Teressa died in a car accident in 1983. Later she took to social media and started sending people messages on multiple social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. Even I got the text once. According to her message, if anyone who receives the message does not forward it to 20 more people, Teressa will sleep beside them and haunt them.

Feels like a fun opportunity, right? To have the chance to sleep with an attractive ghost? Although many people are freaked out by it, many, including me, see it as a good opportunity. But most people just don’t worry about it and keep scrolling. 

The video shows the story of a few people going somewhere in a car in the middle of the night. But what was the story of Teresa Fidalgo? What actually happened that night? Well, you can read that below –

Full Name:Teresa Fidalgo
Age (when she died):25 years
Date of Death:1983
Reason for Death:Car accident
Location of death:Sentra, Portugal
Hair Color:Black 
Height:1.70 m/ 170 cm/ 5’6” inch
Eye Color:1.70 m/170 cm/5’6” inch
Weight: 112 to 125 lbs/ 51 to 57 kgs. 

Teresa Fidalgo Story

Teresa Fidalgo Story

The story was like this – three friends were going through a secluded place in the middle of the night. It was dark. On their journey, they talked about spirits, ghosts, and similar stuff. Suddenly, they noticed a beautiful girl standing on one side of the street. She was wearing a white gown. 

The three friends decided to give her a lift. Once she got in, one of the friends asked the other to turn the camera off– thinking she might not like it. Then, they asked her name. She replied, “Teressa.” They asked if she would like water, and she did not reply.

Teresa Fidalgo ghost Story

Then they asked what she was doing there alone in the middle of the night. In reply, Teressa points to a direction ahead, saying there was an accident there and she died. Suddenly the camera flips to her, and you can see the terrific scar on her face. Her face was covered in blood and had signs of a car crash. Finally, the car crashed. 

Teresa Fidalgo Viral Message

Teresa Fidalgo Viral Message

The viral video was one story. There was another funny story. Suddenly after the video went viral, a message kept circulating. People started to get messages from Teresa Fidalgo on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even through email. 

The message was like this –

I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever. A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on google.

According to the message, Teressa died, and she somehow ended up on the internet. Then she started sending messages to people on different platforms. If they ignore her message and don’t send it to 20 more people, Teresa will sleep beside them forever and haunt them.

This viral message kept surfacing years after years.

Is Teresa Fidalgo Real?

Is Teresa Fidalgo Real

Sorry to disappoint people who were thinking she was for real, but she is no ghost. In fact, Teresa is a fictional character played in a Portuguese movie called “A Curva.” The video was not fake. But the story that got viral with the video was a made-up one. 

This clip from the movie was leaked in 2003 before the movie came out in 2004. The Teresa Fidalgo video caused quite a threat in Portugal. The director of the movie David Rebordao confirmed that the story was not real. The character of Teresa was played by Portuguese film actress Sara Cipriano.

The story of the movie was about some people looking for a location to shoot their movies. Suddenly they found a mysterious girl on the street, and the rest is known to you.

Although some people believe the story is true since a similar accident happened in the said location in the same year. In that accident, a young girl also died. The date of birth of this fictional character is also unknown and mysterious.

Let’s Talk A Little About The Short Film!

Discovering information about Teresa Fidalgo on Google may lead you down a digital rabbit hole, but it’s crucial to clarify that the plethora of search results doesn’t equate to a tangible existence.

Instead, it resembles a compilation of diverse interpretations and retellings stemming from a narrative initiated by Portuguese producer David Rebordão’s viral video ‘A Curva.’

 Drawing inspiration from the Blair Witch Project, Rebordão’s found footage short revolves around a group of friends driving through the mountains. Their journey takes a chilling turn when they pick up a hitchhiker introducing herself as Teresa Fidalgo.

The eerie silence of the new passenger builds suspense until she points to a spot on the road, claiming it’s where she tragically “died.” In a shocking twist, the camera pans back to reveal her face covered in blood just before the car crashes.

While tales of spectral figures like the White Lady have been concocted over the years, ‘Teresa Fidalgo’ stands out due to the narrative’s specificity and its purported (yet undeniably fabricated) connections to a real accident on a Portuguese road. This tale has particularly captivated the imaginations of easily-spooked teenagers who find the story both thrilling and unsettling.

For those who may have lost sleep over the spine-tingling narrative, here’s a reassuring note: David Rebordão has openly admitted that the entire story is a fabrication. Speaking to Channel TVI, the director expressed his surprise at the story’s unexpected success and enduring popularity.

In an effort to move beyond the viral sensation, Rebordão is actively seeking funding for new scripted films, distancing himself from the fictional specter of Teresa Fidalgo and steering toward fresh creative endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think you have got your answer from reading the passages above. However, here are some popularly asked questions about this internet ghost that people look for answers to.

1. Is Teresa Fidalgo Dead?

She is a fictional character from a Portuguese movie. There is no real person related to such an incident, as said in the story that got viral.

2. Does Teresa Fidalgo Haunt You?

No, she will not haunt you if you don’t send her message to 20 different people. In fact, she does not exist. It is a fake rumor circulated on the internet.

3. When Did Teresa Fidalgo Die?

According to the video clip viral on the internet, she died in 1983 when in a car accident. She was 25 when she died. But, it is an internet myth.

Busting The Ghost Of Teresa!!

You may have already seen many blogs and Youtube videos debunking the myth of Teresa the ghost. According to all the facts explained above in this article, it is a fake story. There is no ghost of Teresa Fidalgo. She did not die from a car crash. The viral video was from a Portuguese short film.

I hope you got a clear answer. If you have any further queries, you can ask questions in the comment section.

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