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5 Tips for Recruiting Students and Recent Graduates

Recruiting Students and Recent Graduates

Hiring recent graduates can be one of the best decisions you can make. It can be hard to get connected with these students. However, you might not be sure how to connect with them outside of school job fairs or other school functions.

If you want to get talented students and recent graduates onto your teams and into your company, there are some ways that you can make this easy to accomplish. You just need to know where to find them and how to explain to them that you have the right jobs for their needs. While job fairs and other kinds of specific job-related outreach can be a big help if you want to attract students to your company, you need to back these offerings up with other forms of outreach.

If you are ready to learn more about recruiting students and recent graduates, read on!

Tips for Recruiting Students and Recent Graduates:

1. Career Fairs:

This is the most basic and easiest way to gain access to students and recent graduates and you can spend the most time with these promising potential employees at these events. This is a great venue to deliver information about your company’s values and explain what kinds of jobs you have on offer. Make sure that you have useful handouts and business cards to distribute to interested students.

Job fairs offer you a unique chance to talk with students without the pressure of an interview process or the time crunch of video chats with teams with an open job position. This is less stressful for the students and offers you a much better chance to make lasting connections with them.

2. Offer Internships:

2. Offer Internships:

This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that often leads to long-term relationships with students. This is such an ideal situation for everyone because the students get hands-on experience as well as getting comfortable with your company. They will feel reassured about their knowledge of your expectations and the work that you do when it comes time for them to interview and they will be more likely to choose to stay with your company.

Internships are a great way to get to work with potential new hires in advance of offering them a job as well. There are not many other situations where this would be possible. You may not be able to offer many positions like this each year, but you should consider having a few that come up so that you can gain access to interested and engaged students who want to grow with your company.

3. Share Job Postings Tailored For Students:

If you want to attract students, you need to make sure that you have jobs open that are tailored for their needs. This means mentioning that this is the goal of the position and stating that it is an entry-level position with room to grow. You can also choose to limit the application process to recent graduates who have a diploma in hand if you want to make sure that you don’t get a flood of applicants who are not students.

These job postings can be shared on student job boards or you can make sure that colleges are aware of them so they can share them with their career center. This is a great way to make sure that your job postings are targeted at students specifically.

4. Partner With a Local University Career Center:

4. Partner With a Local University Career Center:

Some companies will actively partner with a local college’s career center and offer up positions each year that are only for students who are set to graduate that year. This means that the positions are filled right after graduation and are held open for students that are guided to these jobs by the career center at the college.

This can be a great option for both the students and for your company as well. The career center can help prepare these students for their new job with you. And you can even get some time with the students before they are onboarded to prepare them for their new job. This is a great way to attract and keep talented and skilled students from the moment they graduate.

5. Offer Flexible Work Hours And Benefits:

5. Offer Flexible Work Hours And Benefits:

Students are often focused on continuing education and they may have a lot of demands for their time during the first few months that they are working for you because of leftover school items as well as moving to an apartment and many other things. You should stress that you are willing to allow them to flex their work hours as needed within reason as well as offering the chance to support ongoing education.

Students will appreciate the chance to get to work for you right away while also being able to continue to finish their education. Removing the stumbling blocks related to time management and personal development will make students more than willing to work for you right out of school.

Recruiting Students Can be a Great Way to Get Paired Up With the Perfect Employees-

Recruiting students can be a great way to get connected with new employees who are excited about working for your company and ready to tackle anything that you can throw at them. Being able to attract students or recent graduates to your company can help keep things fresh and it can make it easier for you to create teams of people who want to grow with your company.

Students with specific education and degrees can be hard to attract once they have found another job, so you want to be the first business that they think of when they are ready to graduate. Being available and connected with the campus career center as well as attending job fairs can make it much easier to bring attention to your company.

Hiring students can be a great way to hire people with big ideas and current training and skills. Make sure to use these tips and tricks and you will get connected with recent graduates with ease!

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