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10 Ways to Determine the Strengths of Students

One of the things that many people do is embracing the power of strength-based philosophy in education. Many people are wondering how exactly they can determine the academic strengths of students or kids. This has prompted many people to try and come up with many ways of telling the strengths of their children.

Below we are going to look at some of the ways you can use in determining the strengths of your children. There are so many steps that we are going to use to help you determine the strengths of your children.

Here are 10 Ways to determine the strengths of students:

1. Oral interview

Oral interview

If you are looking to determine the strength of students you can carry out an oral interview. You can carry out one session with your students to understands their capabilities. The main area for a target for you here should be listening and speaking.

If you are wondering when is the best time to carry out these interviews during class sessions.If that is not appealing enough you can schedule different times with some students. During these sessions, you may have to ask questions that use grammatical structures and recently learned vocabulary.

Doing this will help you to gauge the ability of your students and how good they are at grasping things. However, you need to be very careful in doing this session not to penalize any student for not knowing some things. The main goal here is to gauge the strengths of students.

2. Class presentation

Class presentation

This is another way that you can use in gauging your student strengths. A presentation in class can help you in assessing the different aspects of spoken language. All you have to do is to ask the students to speak in front of the class.

The main aim here is to see if the students can be able to prepare and practice what they need to say. Allow the students to carry out their research on specific topics and do the presentations as requested. During the analysis process, you need to give your students grades basing on their content and how they present.

3. Roleplay

There are so many ways of assessing the strength of your students in class and one of them is by performing role-plays. You can organize so that the students play a role plays right in front of the class. You can do this by giving your students and some situations to play in class.

During this session, you need to monitor how the students are able to do this creatively. One of the areas you need to focus on is how they are able to communicate with each other during these sessions. Since the main area of focus here is the use of language you need to monitor how they communicate.

Look at how they are able to make use of the language as well as the content and grammar. Oral assessment should also be another area of focus during the session.

4. Cloze exam

This is another way that you can use in testing your student’s grammar understanding. Doing this is very simple you only need to write a paragraph or use one that your students used before. Once you do this move ahead and replace either the 5th or the 6th word with a blanc space.

After this go ahead and ask the students to fill in the blank spaces with words they think are logically Grammatically. Once you do this you will see your students giving you so many answers. However, you need only to focus on logical grammatically right sentences and not correct answers.

5. Fill in the blank

In many ways filling in the blank space might just look like a cloze exam. However, this type of exam is mainly used in testing a certain set of vocabularies. To carry out this test you only need to write a paragraph to your students.

You can opt for supplying more words probably what is even more than necessary to the students. This is only aimed at making the whole process a bit challenging. Let the students fill in the blank spaces with the most appropriate words.

6. Writing sample

Writing sample

Writing sample is another perfect way of testing the student’s strength in grammar. Make the students write something in the form of their homework. This test is also another perfect way you can use in testing the grammar proficiency of your students.

However, with this kind of test, there is a chance the student might get assistance from someone else. To avoid this risk, allow the students to carry out this test while in class. You can give them a topic and let them write about it.

7. Portfolio

The use of a portfolio is another perfect way you can use it in assessing your students. This is one perfect way that you can use in assessing if your students have been reading or not. You can collect their previous assignments as well as carrying out some listening and speaking sessions.

8. Online quiz

Online quiz

The days where people used to spend so much of their time assessing students are long gone. With the current online resources, this process has been made even much easier. Try and ask your students to spend some time at home doing some online quizzes.

Once the students have completed this process, let them print to you their final scores for assessment. Doing this is only aimed at helping the student to get back feedback.

9. True false kind of quiz

This one too is another perfect way of testing the strength of students. All you have to do with this kind of session is focus on tricks that focus on bigger details. You can even go ahead and ask your students to correct those questions that appear to be vague.

10. Multiple choice exam

Using a multiple-choice exam is another perfect way you can use in determining the strengths of students. All you have to do is to come up with an exam with multiple choices. However, you need to make sure that the multiple choices are grammatically correct.


There are so many ways you can use in determining the strengths of students. Some of these ways are listed above. You can go through them and determine which one fits your students well.

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