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How To Create An Unforgettable Travel Site Design?

A good travel site catches the audience with vivid pictures and captivating travel descriptions. Plus, it provides the potential traveler with all the information they need to plan a future trip.

Modern trends in the development of tourist sites not only make web resources user-friendly but also make it possible to present visual material in the most advantageous formats for perception.

The main feature of developing a website for a travel agency is the variety of needs of visitors. The tasks pursued by the target audience are most conveniently grouped into 2 categories:

  • booking a specific tour;
  • Search for interesting travel options.

Clients from the first category come to the site with a specific purpose. All they need is information about available offers in a convenient form and the ability to place an order. But we must not forget about those who have not yet decided on the direction and date of the trip. To turn these visitors into customers, you need to tell them about the most interesting offers and help them make the right choice. The best idea is to give travel website development to professionals.

travel website development

How to make a travel website yourself:

When creating a travel site, it is important to take into account the interests of all categories of visitors. The main page should contain the following functional elements:

  • in the header – a form for searching and booking tours;
  • at the top of the main block – examples of the most popular packages and destinations;
  • at the bottom – news or blog posts.

To create a website for a travel agency that will be convenient for guests, clearly plan its structure. Regardless of the company’s specialization, the resource must contain:

  • several thematic categories: beach vacation, romantic travel, etc .;
  • section with a list of tour packages by country or main directions;
  • information about the company;
  • section with useful information and tips;
  • contact page with directions;
  • when creating a website for a tour operator – information for partners.

If the company has enough time and free resources, a blog can be posted on the portal. Articles about resorts and attractions will help shoppers make decisions and attract random visitors from search engines.

To make your travel site more useful, add an online chat to communicate with the manager. So guests can quickly clarify information of interest and get advice on the selection of a tour. Remember that creating a website for a travel agency is an element of the overall sales system in the business. Competent consultation will help you complete the deal and make a profit.


The creation of a website for a travel agency does not impose strict restrictions on the external design. The main thing is that the chosen template creates a positive attitude. For this reason, it is worth abandoning dark color schemes in favor of light shades.

When creating websites for travel agencies, natural colors are often used. For traditional beach destinations, blues and yellows are great. Companies selling vacation packages to vacation homes can be based on white, interspersed with green and brown. If it is difficult to highlight the dominant direction, you can opt for a neutral scale, giving preference to light shades.

The design of the top plays an important role in the formation of the right emotional mood. Large thematic photos do an excellent job with this task. Romantic landscapes in twilight tones, bustling European streets, or foggy mountain peaks – choose those photos that can wake up your target audience.

A thorough analysis of client needs will allow you to create an effective website. Think about what the buyer wants – professionals will take over the technical implementation of ideas.

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