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How to Come Up With the Most Unique Christmas Card Idea

Americans love Christmas-time! Did you know that more than 60% of U.S. consumers will shop for their holiday gifts online?

Whether or not you’re shopping in-person or online, you need to think about the perfect card to go with your gift. Coming up with a unique Christmas card idea is a great way to stand out this Christmas and make it memorable.

But what are some unique and fun ideas that’ll wow your card recipients? Read this guide on how to come up with the most unique Christmas card idea today!

1. Deco Lines

Use art deco and beautiful portraits that you can click here to see them and order. While this theme was popular in the 20s and 30s, you can bring back this style.

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors with geometric lines and patterns. Take a look at old cards from a century ago to get inspired. Some popular colors are green, berry, and ruby.

2. Consider Plums

As you’re looking online for how to make a Christmas card, don’t forget about magenta and plum designs. When you combine these colors together, it’s a visually appealing and stunning design. This will be unique since this color is more often found for formal events such as weddings.

3. Bring Back the 80s

Bring back family Christmas card ideas from the 80s. Consider designs from posters, album covers, and advertisements. Pick from typefaces that’ll stand out and grab their attention.

4. Action Cards

Ditch the traditional picture of you and your family in front of the tree. Instead, choose an action photo where you’re baking cookies, sleigh riding, etc.

It’s a fun way to get involved in an activity with the kids and make it an exciting event. Have the photographer take the photo or use a timer.

Just make sure that the area is well-lit for photos. Avoid shadows in the picture.

5. Pajama Party

Consider matching pajamas in front of the tree. Instead of doing the traditional plaid, consider other pajama designs that are unique. Whatever pajama set you to choose, make sure you’re all matching.

6. Florida Fun

Even if it’s beach weather, you can still incorporate some of the best Christmas card ideas. Take a picture of your family on the beach with various Christmas props. You can also decorate a palm tree together for an action photo in Florida.

7. Modern and Sleek

Choose a more modern feel that’s clean and sleek. Think about the pattern or color scheme that you’d like for it.

Have a pop of color in order to avoid it falling flat. Even a simple backdrop is a nice option.

8. Christmas Village

If the cards don’t have your family on them, you can consider a silhouette of a Christmas village. You can easily find plenty of tutorials online to find your dream option. You can use the color backing that you prefer whether that’s pink, green, red, etc.

9. Watercolors

For creative parents and children, watercolor cards are a fun activity. You’ll need to use masking fluid or white wax crayons in order to draw the design.

A white gel pen is another great option. You’ll need to do this before you begin painting the designs with watercolors.

10. Button Cards

Another great option is a button ornament card. Either use leftover buttons around the house, or you can buy some at the store. Draw a few pen strokes and then you can glue the buttons at the bottom to make button ornaments.

11. Pop-up Snowman

You can make cards that have a 3D element for a unique look. Whether you choose pop-up trees or snowmen-or women is up to you!

12. Paper Wreath Cards

If you punch out circles in some festive patterns, you can make a wreath with them. You can even place them on decorations or ornaments as well.

13. Outdoor Photo Shoot

Some popular outdoor photoshoot ideas include family parks, your front porch, or a popular landmark in the area. Use natural lighting and the weather to decide what the best option is. Choose when the sun is low on the horizon at sunset or sunrise for the best pictures.

For indoor ideas, you can have everyone around the dining room table, fireplace, or on the staircase. Pick a room that has plenty of windows for great lighting.

You’ll need to also decide between posed or unposed pictures. For a more natural look, go with unposed pictures. Your photographer can snap away while you and your family are busy enjoying their time.

Use different distances and photo angles for a different style. Remember that what place you take the picture can have a different effect. Whether you take the picture at eye level or from above will change the look.

Don’t forget to incorporate fun clothing such as ugly Christmas sweaters or matching clothing. You could also dress up and match for the pictures as well. Another great option is to highlight a family vacation where your whole family is in the picture or at least the kids are.

Coming up With Christmas Card Ideas That Are Unique

After exploring this guide, you should be able to come up with some unique Christmas card ideas that will be fun for the whole family. Take your time deciding what the best option is and wow your recipients.

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