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Hello there, we appreciate your request to ‘Write For Us.’ However, our publishers have a few guidelines related to our objective, and we request that you follow them.

Our Objective   

RSLOnline is a High Authority magazine that provides readers with relevant and hard-to-find information on anything & everything, starting from living life to developing a worldview! 

We share lesser-known information and updates about things and incidents related to our real lives. Our content is informative, in-depth, updated, and factually impeccable. The information we furnish in our articles yields our years of experience in specific matters and pain-stricken research work. 

We suggest going through our About Us page for further details on our objective and promise of content integrity. Also, you can go through the few references of our works shared below –

  1. https://www.rslonline.com/starbucks-partner-hours/
  2. https://www.rslonline.com/best-business-bank-accounts/
  3. https://www.rslonline.com/platonic-relationship/
  4. https://www.rslonline.com/free-vr-games/

Basic Guidelines To Follow When You Write For Us 

  • Write and send us AI content. We will check and approve your content only if it passes through strict AI-detection tests.
  • Send us articles that match the theme of our website.
  • Send us 100% original and plagiarism-free content. We use Copyscape Premium for plagiarism detection. 
  • Your article should have a minimum of 1000 words. You can always write longer articles to boost their rankability.
  • We will not offer any commercial backlinks for the articles submitted. If you have specific requirements about backlinks, you can get in touch with us for discussion. Having said that, in specific cases, backlinks will be only available to blog and resource pages. There will not be any backlinks to home pages, products, and services.
  • Once you submit your article, our editorial team reserves the right to edit and modify it, including deleting certain sections for better readability. 

Types Of Content You Can Send To Us 

  • Money: Startups, Sustainability, Tech, Entrepreneurship, Security
  • Living: Wardrobe, Gastronomy, Housing, Decor, Wellness, Relationships
  • Leisure: Television, Movies, Music, Travel, Gossip, Recreation
  • World: Crimes, Politics, Human Interest, Opinions, News, Viral

SEO Guidelines To Follow When You Write For Us

  • We prioritize well-researched and human-generated content that is tailored to our audience and aligned with our website’s personae.
  • The articles you send must have a minimum of 1000 words. There is no limit to the maximum word count!
  • Use smaller paragraphs; usually, a paragraph must not be more than four sentences. A single sentence must not have more than 20 words, and a paragraph ideally should not have more than 50 words.
  • An article must have multiple H2s and H3s. You can also include H4s if and when needed. Do not place more than 300 words under a single heading or sub-heading.
  • Keywords need to be evenly distributed with a density between 0.5%-2.5%. Please avoid using keyword stuffing and fluff writing.
  • Add a meta description for every article. This should not be more than 140 characters.
  • Add relevant links to a minimum of 1 internal link and 1 Outbound link from the authority website.
  • The content must be free of any form of grammatical error and should be written in the American English language.
  • The content needs to be free from Plagiarism and should pass the COPYSCAPE check.

Get In Touch With Us! 

Do you want RSL Online to feature your articles and blogs? Send us an email at media@redhatmedia.net or fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page ASAP!