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Community Health Centres of Oklahoma – A Detailed Guide

Health Centres of Oklahoma

The Community Health Centres of Oklahoma has been serving the Oklahomans for around 45 years. The federally qualified health center provides health care services to the underserved areas of Oklahoma.

It is a nonprofit private organization that provides healthcare to patients regardless of their ability to pay. In addition, they offer sliding fee scales to families with low incomes. Located in the Eastern Oklahoma Country, Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center is the central facility of the Oklahoma Community Health Centres.

The Community Health Center Of Oklahoma comes under PCNOK ( Primary Care Network of Oklahoma). PCNOK is a network of Community Health Centres and consists of 19 of them across different parts of Oklahoma.

PCNOK was founded in 2014, and they have a vision for the betterment of the healthcare system in Oklahoma. The additional sites of the network serve infants, children, families, and the homeless people of Oklahoma.

Services OF The Community Health Centres OF Oklahoma

The Community Health Center of Oklahoma offers adolescent services as well. In addition, the community center offers a special registration system to address the needs of the adolescents of Oklahoma. Thus, adolescent mental health services are available in schools, churches, and civic groups.

The prominent services include Adolescent services, women’s healthcare, Mental healthcare, dental clinic, older adult service, Pharmacy, health education, family support, and many more. We have discussed their different services in short detail.

Health Education

The Community Health Centre provides health education alongside healthcare services. They offer to arrange school and community group based healthcare education in a wide range of health-related topics.

They offer individual counseling and health- maintenance. The organization also offers education on diabetes to families and individuals who live with diabetes.

Adolescent Services

The Community Health Center of Oklahoma offers adolescent services as well. In addition, the community center offers a special registration system to address the needs of the adolescents of Oklahoma. These healthcare promotions are available in schools, churches, and civic groups.

Women, Infant & Children Program

The Health care community of Oklahoma also offers healthcare and nutritional support to infants and children below five years. The program also includes pregnant women and or breastfeeding mothers who lack nutrition. 

The WIC program offers nutritious foods and supplements to mothers and infants who suffer from malnutrition. Nutrition education is also another side of their healthcare support that helps these mothers and children. 

The Community Health Center of Oklahoma offers all these services through e-WIC cards. To qualify for the WIC program, one needs to meet the income guidelines and have a brief health assessment done by a health professional

Pediatric Services

Oklahoma Community health center also offers pediatric healthcare to the people of the region. Children can receive child health maintenance and immunization from the community Health Centres. They also assist guardians and parents with child development education.

Mental Health Support

Oklahoma Community Health Centre understands the importance of mental health. Hence, they have mental health care support for people in need. In addition, they provide professional mental health counseling to families and individuals.

Family Support

The Community Health Centre of Oklahoma has friendly staff who help families with educational, financial, and vocational counseling; mobile meals and eye exam referrals are also provided. The Centre also offers Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, Medicare, Social Security.

Pharmacy & Laboratory

Registered users can get medicines from the Pharmacy at a reduced cost. In addition, there are several reduced-cost medicine programs available in the Healthcare Centre. They also have a Laboratory for mandatory HIV testing, routine blood work, urinalysis, and X-rays.

Dental Clinic

The Community Healthcare Center has dental clinics for different types of dental care and treatments. The dentists, dental hygienists, and the other assistants of the dental clinics help with emergency and primary dental care.

Women Healthcare

Healthcare services for women of different ages from adolescence through the senior years are available in the Community Health Centre of Oklahoma. They offer-

  • Family planning services.
  • Midlife health care.
  • Pregnancy testing.
  • Prenatal/postpartum care.
  • Childbirth classes.
  • Mammograms are available on-site.

Community Health offers screening exams for Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer through an on-site mammography department. They also have financing programs to assist female patients with the cost of these screenings. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment

People above the age of 18 are eligible for the MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment program. If people above the said age have an addiction to heroin and opioids, they can get this recovery program provided by the professional staff of the Community Health.

Community Health Center: Payment 

As we said earlier, the Community Health Centre offers treatment irrespective of the income of the patient. In addition, they offer a wide range of flexibility in terms of payment, and they accept major insurances like Medicaid and Medicare.

The uninsured patients can avail of minimum charges on treatment. They also discount the fees based on the family size and the.

This health care service aims to improve public health across different communities and families with a diverse range of income. They offer their service to the Oklahomans 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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