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What is a Functional Behavioral Assessment?

Functional Behavioral Assessment

For many years now, people have been asking the meaning of Functional behavioral assessment (FBA). Well, time is due we looked at the details of this and what you need to know in this regard. The functional behavioral assessment seeks to identify a specific target behavior interfering with student’s education.

This assessment seeks to designate a particular behavior and identify the various factors which support it. Other than that, the process also seeks to establish the real purpose of the behavior. The main aim of the process is to come up with an intervention plan which will improve the situation.

The Functional behavioral assessment seeks to come up with an alternative behavior. The new behavior will not be able to interfere with the education of the student.

The Right Time for Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

Well if you are worried about this then worry no more. There is no definite or specific time by which you can do a functional behavioral assessment. You can carry out this assessment anytime a student exhibits behavior that might inhibit his learning within a school.

In leading private special needs school Singapore, expert educationists understand the importance of engaging in FBA for special needs children. They know that without the FBA, they will not be able to offer holistic and comprehensive learning processes and developmental procedures that can help these children realize their true potential. This helps in understanding the specific nature of challenges that are intrinsic to every special needs child.

The basis of carrying out this process is when a student exhibits emotional or behavioral problems.  However, these problems or difficulties have to be very serious and not playful. As we have said, these behaviors must have the ability to impact the learning of the student.

The timing of this process can work well with some other efforts that help in understanding the student circumstances. The assessment can form part of both the individual learning plan and the confirmation of disability.

Functional Behavioral Assessment is part of the individual education plan

education plan

There are funds provided due to the federal rules to the states and agencies. These funds are mended to allow access to education for those children with disabilities. These rules require a written plan known as the Individualized Education Plan.

A section from the same law goes ahead to forbid or prohibit the discrimination of persons with disabilities. The primary role of these rules is to put the children in a productive educational environment. What these laws seek to do is to make sure that there is a least restrictive learning framework for these people.

Functional Behavioral Assessment Is part of the SAT

SAT is an abbreviation of the Student Assistance Team is a group made up of experts in the education sector. This team has one simple role in responding to those reports of the student’s behavior. The school in most cases comprises many people like the nurse counselors among other people.

This is one functioning group that is mainly centered around the observation of student behavior. The behavior in the majority of the cases must interfere with the ability of the student to learn. In some cases, the behavior even goes to the extent of disallowing the other students from learning well.

It is because of these reasons that this behavior has to be monitored and if possible, contained. The SAT process normally begins by a discussion among the team by the party or parties that refer. These are people who can observe the behavior of the student without taking any sides.

During the meeting, there is normally the presentation of the student behavior report with any other relevant information. After this presentation, the team then goes ahead to discuss the caused concerns of the SAT action. One of the first plans to be adopted after the release of the report is some intervention measures.

Once the intervention measures have been carried out, the group will then schedule another meeting to discuss the results of the measures. The group seeks to prevent a situation where the student will have to be referred to a more restrictive learning environment. After the performance of the preliminary plan, the group will then move on to the other steps.

To monitor and oversee the recommended steps easily, the team appoints a case manager. The role of the case manager is to simply keep the whole team informed on the progress of recommendations.

Developmental or disability verification

The functional behavioral assessment offers helpful information that can be used in determining or verifying a disability. The information received after the assessments can be combined with other among parents and other specialists. Any disability determination is very key in opening support financially as well as access to education.

The laws which protect children with disabilities rely on the determination of both emotional and learning conditions. It is believed that these conditions can create a learning disability.

What happens during FBA

There are two types of assessment processes which are known as direct and indirect FBA processes. The FBA makes use of some five assessment and intervention development plans. Let us look at some of those five plans briefly.

Identifying the suspect behavior

The SAT team carries out research based on the available information in the determination of the most severe problems a student possesses. In this case, the suspect’s behavior becomes the target behavior.

Information and fact gathering

The data collected must be observable and to some extent, it has to be measurable. In most cases, the framework uses the location where the behavior occurs. The study seeks to connect the behavior to the environment with the view of determining the purpose.

Hypothesis support

The review process has to make a reasoned guess at the link between the apparent purpose and the conduct. This hypothesis will guide the initial in planning innervations as well as testing for the accuracy of the results.

Intervention and strategy development

The written plan has to identify the changes which the other efforts seek to make in the behavior of the student. The behavior intervention plan has to specify the behavior modifications and the new skills involved. The plan has to discuss the needed modifications to the learning environment.


The data obtained will be used as a baseline. Evaluation is a very critical step that closes the gap between the planned treatment and behavior modification.


There is so much that we can say about functional behavioral assessment but for now, the above information is vital.  There is so much that you need to know about the subject matter and the information above comes in handy.

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