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Lindamood Bell Program: What you need to know

Let us talk a little bit about Lindamood bell and what you need to know about this. Well, this is one of the several teaching programs for those people who are struggling with reading. The program is consistent with a highly structured Orton i.e. Gillingham approach.

Just like the others, the approach uses various senses in helping the students to make linkages between words and sounds. However, the approach is unique in its ways.

The main area of focus

Lindamood bell

Lindamood bell simply breaks down learning into some concrete skills. These skills include the connection of letters into sounds the process of blending sounds into words. With this approach, the students do master one skill before you can move on to the next skill.

Other than teaching, the students also read some words. The program’s main aim is to understand the content. To make this possible the program makes use of the imagery approach. For instance, at some point, the students might be asked to create mental images of what they are reading.

For instance, if a student is reading about a lion or any other thing, they will be asked to picture it. The students can be asked to picture the lion playing with her cubs or any other animal for that matter. This approach helps the students to find the meaning of what they reading about and remember it with ease.

Lindamood bell lays some emphasis on the process of connecting sounds, images, and finally the symbols.

Where to find Lindamood bell

Lindamood bell

The truth of the matter is that this approach to learning is not used in schools that much. Normally if you need to find Lindamood bell you will have to go to designated centers. However, you need to know that this form of learning is very costly.

So, as you are planning to enroll your kid for this mode of learning you need to prepare to pay. The good thing is that this mode of learning is very effective much as it is costly. For this reason, it is one that is worth paying for.

The other good thing is that the company also partners with some districts. These partnerships make sure there are workshops for the available teachers and direct instruction to the students. These programs are also recommended for special education students as part of the response to intervention.

Who are the ideal targets?

There have been questions in the past as per who is the ideal people or targets of Lindamood bell. Well, this approach targets so many people like those kids with dyslexia, dyscalculia and finally auditory processing disorders.

How does it work

You must be wondering how exactly Lindamood bell works. Well, this approach works in steps that we are going to see below.

So, the first step is the evaluation process by the Lindamood bell instructor. Normally the instructor will use standardized tests in assessing the student’s strengths and weaknesses in some areas. These areas include reading, comprehension, and mathematics.

You need to note that this is not similar to educational evaluation for special education services. After going through this process, the instructor then comes up with a learning plan. The plan will entail things like the number of hours the student needs to reach the learning goals.

The plan also goes further to outline the specific types of instructions the student will also need during this course. Under normal circumstances, the students will work on one with the instructors. The students will be required to come to daily sessions which will last anywhere between one to four hours.

In most cases, the student work in groups while on the school program which lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours. During the learning process, the instructors monitor the learning of the students and provide their parents and other people with updates.

These updates are very important as they help the parents to understand the learning issues of their kids. This indeed helps in finding the right learning instructions for the kids. For instance, through the updates, you will learn how the kids are faring on.

If the students are having any problems reading you will also know that and assist them where appropriate. The main aim here is to help the students understand well what they are reading. If your child has not been evaluated for special education services then this is also something you need to consider.

This is one way that you can get your child the reading support they need in school. As you would suspect this approach has been proven to work well and perfectly in many places.

Programs offered

LMB currently offers five programs. Out of these five programs, four of them are for reading and only one is for math. We are going to look at some of these programs one by one to help you understand them.

Seeing stars

This program aims to teach and vowels. After this, the student then progresses to the syllabus, prefixes, and suffixes. With the use of these skills, the students will be able to master 500 to 1000 common sights words.

Visualization and verbalization for language comprehension and thinking

There are those students that are capable of reading some texts but fail to understand their meanings. With this program, students are taught to use the imagery in improving their comprehension and critical thinking. The process begins with word imagery then moves on to paragraph imagery.

Visualizing and verbalizing for expression and oral language comprehension

This is one exercise that is so essential. The exercise works by linking images to words with the view of building vocabularies.

Lindamood phoneme sequencing program for spelling speech and reading

This program teaches phonemic awareness. In this case, the oral-motor movements which are known to produce sounds are taught explicitly taught. For instance, some students are tough on how to feel the physical characteristics of their lips.

On cloud nine math


This program teaches the students some foundational subtraction, addition, and multiplication of figures up to 100. However, this mathematics division is normally not included. Just like the other programs, this one too makes extensive use of imagery.


Lindamood Bell is one of the best learning modes you can ever offer you, kids. Even though it might be a bit expensive but it is one of the best.


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