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Top 5 Grenada Passport Benefits

Grenada Passport Benefits

A small Caribbean island state called Grenada beckons with its magical nature, sandy beaches, pleasant climate, and excellent service. Many people dream of living in this paradise place. There are several options for legally moving to the island, for example, a unique program that allows you to become a citizen of Grenada and get all the benefits of this status.

The state’s government encourages potential investors to invest in its economy and sectors such as tourism, services, agriculture, and trade. According to Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest agency), foreigners with large capitals are eager to obtain Grenada citizenship by investment and move to Grenada with their families.

What Is Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment?

To get a Grenada passport quickly, you must gather the documents, send them by e-mail, and make a specific monetary investment — minimum contribution: from $150,000 to a government investment fund. Or purchase $220,000 worth of a real estate.

Benefits Of A Grenadian Passport

It is possible to obtain the status in the shortest period, from 3 to 6 months. Dual citizenship is recognized. You can bring your closest relatives, spouse, and children with you. When you apply, you do not need to live permanently on the island and pass the history and language exams. It is not the entire list of Grenada citizenship benefits. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Visa-Free Travel

Visa-Free Travel

Visa-free countries for Grenada citizens: 140 visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries, including Schengen, Britain, Singapore, and Hong Kong, as well as the Republic of China. A tourist visa to the USA for 10 years allows you to travel, undergo medical treatment, and visit relatives. But you need another document to work.

Access To The US E-2 Visa Program

Obtaining a U.S. visa E-2 to live and work in the U.S. involves buying a business in the U.S. or starting your own business. It would require an investment of $100,000 or more in the local economy.

Tax Benefits

There is no inheritance, wealth, gift, or capital gains tax. There are also no restrictions on the importation of capital or repatriation of profits. There is no stamp duty, either. But generous bonus packages are available to the delight of investors, including corporate tax exemptions, import duties, and tax and export exemptions. The policy is designed to ensure that the businessman creates a successful business and stays in the country with their capital. Potential investors particularly appreciate these pros of the Grenada passport.

Education And Healthcare

The country offers its citizens a high level of education and medicine. Children up to 16 years of age attend local schools free of charge. For higher education, there are simplified procedures for admission to universities in Britain and E.U. countries, often without a study visa. As a result, the cost of education is lower. And there are many decent universities on the territory of the island state.

Medicine on the island is also developed following American standards; more than 30 clinics and medical centers are equipped with the best modern equipment. In addition, qualified doctors, who graduated from the local university under the supervision of the best specialists in the USA, work here.

Business Opportunities: Advantages Of Grenada Citizenship

The tourism and service industry in the country is booming, so all investments will bring good profits. In addition, loyal taxation policy and numerous programs help entrepreneurs of all levels to develop their businesses and receive dividends. It is also possible to rent purchased real estate and have a good passive income.


If you have considered all the advantages, have already decided, and are ready to start collecting documents, it is recommended to contact an immigration company. If it is unclear which program to use to move to the island, you also need the services of lawyers. They will advise and help with the paperwork. With this help, you can get cherished status in the shortest possible time. In more detail, this issue is disclosed on the site Your family and children will be grateful to you for a promising future and excellent opportunities.

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