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How Long Is A Soccer Game? – Know Your Details Here!

Are you thinking about how long is a soccer game? It is a valid question to ask, considering there are rules in the game that extend time based on the conditions of the game. Keep reading this article to understand the reasons.

Soccer is another name used for football in North America, and it is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. Playing soccer aims to score the most goals to win the game within 90 minutes.

Players across the game move the ball across the pitch and, sometimes, beyond the pitch to score a goal. Players have to cross the opponent’s goal line to achieve a goal. Simultaneously, it is the responsibility of the designated goalkeeper of the opposition team to prevent that from happening.

How Long Is A Soccer Game? Details Here!

Soccer Game timing

Timing is so important in a soccer game because, at times, the game only finishes in 90 minutes. There can be a chance of both teams not scoring even one goal or achieving the same number of purposes.

These conditions can lead to the game turning into a draw. Hence, there are some time-related rules based on which the game must reach a fitting conclusion. Soccer is played on many levels, including domestic cup competitions and knockout stages in national and internal groups.

In this article, you will read about the different regulations that inform you how long is a soccer game.

What Is A Soccer Game?

What Is A Soccer Game

Two teams of 11 players play a soccer game against each other on a field. There are 10 outfield players and 1 designated goalkeeper. Players are not restricted to moving anyplace in the field; there are specific roles or positions assigned to players.

The different positions are called forwards, midfielders, and defenders. A soccer ball is the focus of the game. It is round, the ball’s circumference ranges between 27 to 28 inches, and the weight is between 14 to 16 oz.

Almost 200 countries play the game worldwide, and it is specifically popular in Africa, South and Central America, and Europe. It also has a significant influence on countries in Asia and North America. The field is rectangular and is called a pitch.

There is a goalpost at either end of the field. In the international adult category matches, the size of the field is 70 to 80 yards wide and 110 to 120 yards long. On a professional level, the surface level of the field is mostly grass.

What Are The Rules Of The Soccer Game?

Rules Of The Soccer Game

The rules of the soccer game have been established by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). They govern it effectively regarding all national and international game matches. There are, in total, 17 rules.

There are slight modifications based on factors such as disabilities, gender, and age of the players. One of the most important rules to follow is that all 10 outfield players are restricted from touching the ball with their hands and arms.

Only the team’s goalkeeper can touch the ball with their hands inside the penalty area. Even the goalkeeper cannot handle the ball with his hands outside the penalty area.

Tripping an opponent, pushing an opponent, or handling the ball deliberately are all restricted. These are punished by indirect free kicks to the other team.

So How Long Is A Soccer Game?

Soccer Game time

A professional soccer game comprises two halves, 45 minutes duration each, with a halftime of 15 minutes in between. The time varies based on the level of the game, such as youth soccer games have shorter periods.

High school soccer matches have four 20 minutes or two 40 minutes. Much younger children have four 10 minutes or two 20-minute periods. To answer, how long are soccer games, you have to keep reading.


In regular matches, there is hardly any overtime required. If the two teams are in a tie when the 90 minutes are over, it is just announced as such. However, over time it becomes necessary if the match is played at a knockout stage or in a tournament.

The overtime can go on. Yet, there is a time set, which is primarily 30 minutes split in half. The two teams have to score accordingly within that time so that there is a clear winner.

The break between the overtime hours is 1 or 2 minutes. For example, in World Cup FIFA, adding 15 minutes of overtime is expected based on the game’s condition.

Additional Time

There is a probability of wasting time due to events such as injuries or substitution. The referee decides to allow additional time. This rule has been created because they start faking injuries or stall when a team gets a lead after scoring a goal.

The referee can accordingly decide and allot additional time to make the game fair for the other team. There can also be a chance of allowing a penalty kick if necessary.

A Tie Game

Based on the soccer game rules, there can be a chance that the score is tied up. If the game is played on an average level, it is announced as a tie. Even though, on an international or national level, when the game is based on a competitive level, it is essential to resolve the tie.

In FIFA, the tie is resolved by integrating over time. If the teams cannot break off the time in the allotted 30 minutes, then penalty kicks are the way out.

Penalty Kicks

The penalty kicks are the determining factor in finding the winner of a tie game. Each team gets 5 shots to score a goal. Each team takes an alternate turn, while a different player must take the short every time.

If you still question, how long do soccer games last? The team with the highest number of shots wins the game. If there is a tie in the penalty kick shootouts, the penalty kicks are constantly added.

What Is The Longest Soccer Game In History?

Longest Soccer Game In History

The longest Soccer Game recorded in history is the showdown between Doncaster Rovers and Stockport County on March 30, 1946. The duration of the Soccer game is 3 hours and 23 minutes. The world record has not been beaten for over half a century.

The tie continued after 90 minutes between the two English Clubs, going into 30 minutes of extra time. The time needed to be increased to reach a result. The players must be thinking how long is soccer game.

The penalty shootouts started after the game went on for 173 minutes. It continued because of the ‘play to win’ rule. This rule was later scratched.


Please read the article to learn about how long is a soccer game. You will also learn about the different regulations of the game.

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