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Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – How To Fix This Issue?

Instagram couldn't refresh feed

The number of people spending time on social media is increasing in leaps and bounds every day. Especially when it comes to Instagram, users always like to enjoy a seamless user experience. But there are certain errors on Instagram that affect your experience to a great extent. One such example is, Instagram couldn’t refresh feed.

Are you really pissed off with the “ Instagram can’t refresh feed ” response? Then read this blog till the end to learn how to fix this annoying “ Instagram cant refresh feed.” We have brought a compact list of the reasons and solutions in this post. 

What Is Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

What Is Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

I hope that every one of you is very well aware of Instagram can’t refresh feed. So I think you don’t really need to blab on this part. It is a prompt from Instagram that comes mainly when you try to refresh your feed, and it doesn’t happen. There is not one or two, rather several reasons behind it. 

Whatever the reason is, couldn’t refresh feed Instagram is really frustrating. Especially if you open your Insta account to chill a bit after a long tiring day and it appears repeatedly, you may lose patience. But worry not, keep reading the below section, you will find ways to get rid of Instagram not refreshing.   

Why Do You See Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed? Again And Again?

Why Do You See Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

Before we jump directly on to the solutions, why don’t you explore the top reasons that Instagram couldn’t refresh feed. Let’s go:

1. Your Internet Connection Is Not Strong Enough

This is the most predominant reason that act behind couldn’t refresh feed Instagram. Most of the time you see the notification due to weak internet connectivity.  

2. The App Needs An Update

If you don’t update an app for a long time, it starts malfunctioning. The same theory applies to the Instagram app as well; therefore, you see Instagram couldn’t refresh feed.

3. Instagram’s Own Server Is Down 

Instagram server teams are not gods; they also make mistakes which makes the server down often. Such incidents lead to errors and bugs, thereby resulting in prompts like Instagram cant refresh feed. 

4. Instagram Cache Is Overloaded

If your phone is full of the cache files of Instagram, it may lead to “ Instagram can’t refresh feed. ” It’s quite natural; cache files give performance issues, and you need to clear them from time to time.  

How To Solve Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

I am pretty sure you have seen Instagram can’t refresh feed this morning and got frustrated for the 167th time, right? Trust me; I understand how annoying it is. But enough is enough… you don’t have to ensure it anymore. Read the below list containing some robust solutions to resolve Instagram couldn’t refresh feed; thank me later!

1. Check The Internet Connection

Check The Internet Connection

Poor internet connection causes Instagram can’t refresh feed oftentimes. So as soon as you see “ Instagram couldn’t refresh feed, ” check if your internet is working properly. I bet most of the time you will find it isn’t. Once it is fixed, sign out and sign in to your app to get an error-free user experience. 

2. Uninstall And Reinstall The App

Uninstall And Reinstall the App

Instagram’s bugs are too stubborn. Unless and until you are logging out and logging in again, they will continue to show up. Click on your profile image, navigate to Settings and click on Log Out. Sign in again using your credentials and check if couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error still persists. 

3. Clear The Cache Files

Clear The Cache Files

To delete the cache files, go to the Settings menu on your smartphone. After that, navigate to ‘Apps’ and then ‘Instagram’. Now look for the option ‘clear cache’ and tap on it to remove all cache files from your device. Open the app and log in again to complete the entire process. Automatically, the Instagram feed not updating notification will stop from coming up permanently.  

4. Update Instagram

Update Instagram

If you don’t upgrade Instagram to its latest version, it will exhibit issues like Instagram feed not loading. Go to the app store, find the Instagram app in the search box, then tap on the app name and click on the ‘Update’ option. Next, reboot your phone and open Instagram again to check if the issue is still there. 

5. Contact The Instagram Support Team

Contact The Instagram Support Team

This is your last resort if all the above options fail. Go to Settings, then click on help and tap on ‘report a problem.’ The concerned team will get back to you with a suitable resolution for “ Instagram feed not updating.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed When I Try To Login

If your Instagram shows, Instagram couldn’t refresh feed… in most cases, there might be two problems. First, Instagram’s own bugs, and second, your internet connectivity problem. 

Q2. How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

If your Instagram suddenly shows “couldn’t refresh feed Instagram, ” you can fix this issue in the following ways:

  • Log in once and then log out
  • Check if the internet connection is stable
  • Reboot your device 
  • Verify the Instagram’s data limits
  • Delete the Instagram cache  

Q3. How Do I Refresh My Instagram Feed?

Your Instagram feed may often show the prompt, couldn’t refresh feed Instagram. In order to solve this issue and refresh the Instagram feed, all you have to do this:

  • Check with your Internet connection first
  • Clear the cache and data
  • Uninstall and again reinstall the phone
  • Contact Instagram Help Centre
  • Check on the app store if there is any update and upgrade to the latest version.    

Q4. How Can I Improve My Instagram Algorithm?

In order to improve your Instagram Algorithm, the following are the strategies you need to adopt:

  • Publish stories in a consistent manner
  • Optimize your photo quality 
  • Make live videos often
  • Use hashtags more often 
  • Use catchy, keyword-rich captions. 
  • Last but not least, conduct more giveaways and run contents with attractive prizes 

The Bottom Line

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed is a pretty common issue faced by every single Instagram user at least once in 2 days. However, as you can see, there is nothing to worry about “Instagram cant refresh feed. ” If you follow the above-mentioned steps accurately, the problem will be sorted out in no time. 

Did we solve your problem of Instagram not refreshing in this guide? Let us know your opinion in the comment area below. Also, please do not hesitate to leave any additional ideas in the comment box if you have any.   

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