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Is Water Wet – The Answer To The Much Awaited Question Is Here!!!

Is Water Wet

Hey there! Welcome back to our blog once again. Today we are here with a quick brain-twister that can make you think beyond the world. We know that another name of WATER is LIFE, and it gives a Wet Feeling. But have you ever thought that Is Water Wet? I bet you are thinking it right now, which brings you here. Well, we have revealed the correct answer in this article. So hold your breath and keep scrolling to get some tricky insights about 2 molecules of Hydrogen And 1 Molecule Of Oxygen. 

What Is “ Wetness ” Basically?


Before we directly jump on to answer is water wet or questions like is water wet, let’s get a clear idea of Wetness. Do you actually know what the word Wetness refers to basically? Here is a proper definition for you…. Wetness Is The Capability Of A Liquid To Stick To The Surface Of A Solid And Make It Wet. So, if we say something wet, it means that that particular thing is a liquid. Let’s take a walk down the memory lanes of Chemistry…

In order to determine if an object is wet or dry, we have to consider the balance between adhesive and cohesive forces. While the cohesive forces enable the molecules in the liquid to stick together, the adhesive forces enable the liquid molecules to stick to a solid surface. The more liquid sticks to a solid surface due to its cohesive properties, the wetter the object becomes. Naturally, if a thing repels water like wax, it won’t be wet.

As a result, the answer to the question Is Water Wet or Dry depends on the equilibrium between these two forces.

Is Water Wet Or Dry And Why Is It So- The Truth Unveiled

Is Water Wet Or Dry

If you ask me is water wet or dry, I would say that the answer is NO, with utmost confidence. However, there is definitely some solid reason behind that, and in this section, I am going to let you know that.

To be very precise, water itself is not wet, but it can make some specific solids wet. Whatever I am saying might sound like a funny meme, but there is a strong scientific justification behind it. Water’s cohesive force is significantly high because of hydrogen bonding. Simultaneously its adhesive force is also strong with certain objects which in turn creates a trade-off between the two.

There are certain materials like candles, Gore-tex fabric, etc., which are generally water-repellant or hydrophobic in nature. In these cases, the cohesive forces are stronger than the adhesive force, making it drain away. Hence, in this case, water is not wet.

On the contrary, if you take a piece of cotton cloth and put some drops of water in it, it will get wet. Here, the adhesive force is more and also balances the cohesive one. That is the reason, cloth, human skin, wood, paper, etc get wet when comes in contact with water.

Is Water Wet Or Dry? The real answer is – It’s none, but it makes other objects wet or dry due to its specific properties.

Different Perspectives On The Question Is Water Wet Or Dry

Now that you know whether water is wet or dry, we are here with two different viewpoints on the idea – Water Is Not Wet. Keep reading to enrich your intriguing mind.

Questions like Is Water Wet can be viewed from two distinctive perspectives. These are as follows:Is Water Wet – A Theory Of Sensation

1. Is Water Wet – A Theory Of Sensation

Theory Of Sensation

If ‘Wetness’ is viewed as a sensation or a feeling then Yes, water is wet to us. It’s because, with our skin, water acts more adhesive than being cohesive. For this reason, we get to feel that the water is wet.

2. What About The Physical Properties

The Physical Properties

Upon seeing ‘Wetness’ from a Moisturizing or Liquid perspective, water is not wet, rather it’s a liquid. Liquids are not wet themselves, but they can make some other materials wet.

So if you want to get wet, be sure that you need at least 6 molecules of water. It’s because, as per the research, water behaves like a liquid only when a minimum of 6 molecules of it develop a cluster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Why Not Is Water Wet?

Water is not wet but it can make some other objects, substances, or things wet. This depends on the adhesive and cohesive features of the water in terms of the object it’s coming in contact with. For example, water can make a paper wet but leaves a candle dry.

Q2. How Do You Make Dry Water?

The procedure of making dry water is quite simple. All you have to do is put a 19:1 mixture of hydrophobic fumed silica with ordinary water in a blender. However, dry water doesn’t exist naturally.

Q3. Is Water And Liquid Same?

This is one of the questions like Is Water Wet. Water is the most ubiquitous substance on the planet, so far. The density of water is lesser than that of a solid and much greater than gas. The molecular cohesiveness of Water is similar to that of a liquid. Thus, water is a Liquid Compound.

The Final Thoughts

Is Water Wet? We have given you the scientific answer. There might be some philosophical rationale behind why is it so. Nevertheless, the key scientific funda lies in the aspect of balance between adhesive and cohesive forces of water. In addition, the answer depends on the nature of the material which will be touched by water. The bottom line is Water Is Not Wet but can give a wet feeling due to its liquid adhesive properties.

What’s your viewpoint? Is Water Wet Or dry? Tell us in the comment area below cause we would love to think from the unique angles you will propose. Also, if you have similar questions like this hovering in your mind, do let us know.

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