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Asian Table Shower – Origin, Process, Benefits, Locations, More [2023]

Table shower

“Relax, Peace, Silence, Enjoy, Rejuvenate, Refresh, Soothe, Calm, Quiet.”

Asian Table Shower is a term related to body spa. Originally, it started in Europe, and today it’s very popular in Asian Countries. If you are an adult, you are free to take spa shower table services at any salon. But there are certain things that you need to know essentially in this regard. 

Are you looking for detailed information about the Asian Table Shower message? Well, you have arrived at the right place. This guide is exclusively about everything you need to know regarding Asian Massage table showers. Read every section carefully to get valuable insights.   

What Is An Asian Table Shower?

What Is Table Shower

Before understanding what is an Asian Table Shower, you need to understand what is a Table shower actually. 

It is a special body treatment that Spas and salons offer before a massage. When it comes to Asian Table showers, some natural remedies are used by therapists, like salt scrubs to cleanse the skin. These treatments are wonderful methods of relaxing the mind and body from stress, tension, and physical pain.

The concept is supposed to be originated from a town in Central France named Vichy. The method relates to traditional hydrotherapy that Julius Caseser discovered while conquering Gaul in France. Once the Romans found the existence of thermal springs in France, they built spas over there. This is how table shower massage came into being. 

So now, I expect the question what is an Asian Table Shower ” to be clear. 

Steps At An Asian Table Shower Massage

Asian Table Shower Massage

An entire process of Asian Table Shower contains the three following consecutive steps:

Step 1: Washing The Back

In this process, you lie down on your chest, and the therapist use scrubber to rub your back. Warm water is used in this stage.

Step 2: Aligning With Chakras

The design of the shower heads is aligned with the 7 chakras of your body. Each of these is the energy center in your spinal cord. Water fills these chakras with positive energy and removes toxins. 

Step 3: Washing After Turning Over

The therapist now repeats the same process mentioned in step 1 in the front part of your body. Once rinsing is done, he/she will pat dry your body with a towel.

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Some Essential Points To Be Remembered

Asian spa shower table services

Are you planning to take an Asian spa shower table services soon? Then you should not miss these points at any cost. Check them out right now!!!

  • If you are not okay with lying in the bare body or half-naked body during the table shower procedure, you better don’t go for it.
  • Check the rating and customer review of the spa before taking services from them. This is a MUST! It’s true that illegal activities happen in some salons; thus, verifying everything is wiser. It’s better to choose reputed spa parlors for avoiding unnecessary problems.
  • Be sure about the table shower policies prior to the sessions. Some spa salons do not provide undergarments. Check this with the team if you are uncomfortable lying naked. Also, you can let them know if you want to take service from female or male therapists.  

What Benefits Can You Get From An Asian Table Shower Massage?

Benefits Can You Get From An Asian Table Shower

I hope you have heard that the Asian Massage Table shower gives enough health benefits. But do you know what benefits you can get precisely? Check the points below:

1. Enhanced Blood Circulation

An Asian spa shower includes using both cold and warm water in a balanced manner; body circulation is optimized. The hot water splash at the beginning expands blood vessels while the cold shower at the end contracts and strengthens them. 

2. Relief From Pain

The treatment helps you get rid of lymphatic system blockages, headaches, menstrual cramps, joint pains, etc. Indeed, it is a pain reliever. 

3. Stress Reliever And Body Relaxation

A thorough Asian Massage table shower clams down your mind and body from stress. You will feel soothing positivity in your body and mind at the same time. These will help you get rid of tension, anxiety, and other mental health problems.    

4. Skin Detoxifier

The sprinkles of water in the shower table cleanse clogged skin pores and removes dirt, oil, blackheads, etc. Some shower services come with salt scrubs that remove dead skin cells. 

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What Is The Best Table Shower Near Me In The USA?

Best Table Shower Near Me In The USA

What is the best table shower near me in New York – There are a plethora of famous table shower spas in the USA. All these provide the best quality services. Below we have presented a list from which you can select the best table shower massage near you. 

Name Of The Spa


Shangrila Men’s Spa

Manhattan, NY

Imperial Spa

San Francisco, CA

Utopia Spa

Manhattan, NY

Siam Orchid International

San Francisco, CA

Tenten Salon Spa

Los Angeles, CA

What Do People Think About Table Shower?

A myriad of misconceptions is hovering around centering table shower. Here are the top 5 things people think as soon as the words “Table Shower” cross their minds.

Take a look at the listicles below:

  • It might be a sex trafficking center where both women and men are at risk
  • There might be threats of skin complications because of the use of various oils, lotions, and spa creams containing varieties of chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Q1. What Is An Asian Table Shower?

Asian table shower is a specialized spa treatment prevalent at many Asian spas. It is a very common way to cleanse and relax the body before the massage. In this process, the person lies on a table below a shower, and water pressure preps the skin.    

Q2. Why Do People Get A Table Shower Before Massage?

Asian table shower is a widely common spa method just before a massage. It is super relaxing and promotes blood circulation. Moreover, the skin pores get opened and become clean, free of dirt. It enhances the massage experience.   

Q3. What Happens At Asian Table Shower?

There have been instances of illicit activities associated with table showers in the past. However, most people around the world take Asian Table showers alone before receiving massage services. It is a great way to cleanse the skin and get rid of tension at the same time. Asian Message Table Showers is a stress relief treatment and not meant for prostitution. 

Q4. Is Asian Table Shower Legal?

Table showers aren’t illegal in and of themselves, but they can become so if they turn into sexual service. A table shower is usually to cleanse the body before a massage, and then the individual gets a stress-relieving massage.

Q5. Can I Feel Uncomfortable During Table Shower?

Some salons do not provide undergarments. So you may feel uncomfortable while taking the table shower. Nevertheless, you can try carrying your own undergarments, but there are chances that the salon may not approve that.

The Bottom Lines

“Don’t Forget To Pamper Yourself.”

Asian table shower is an age-old spa practice mainly intended to cleanse the body and relax the mind before the massage. Although there are rumors that illicit activities are associated with it, that’s quite rare. Make sure to choose a reputed spa salon before taking Asian massage table shower services. 

I hope this article has enough information that you need to know about Asian table shower massage. Do you want more clarifications at any point? Do let us know your queries in the comment section below, and we will elaborate on those. You can also read our similar topic on Holistic Therapy

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