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The Menatir: UAV Services For Urban Infrastructure

Traditional methods of inspection of urban infrastructure today only reduce the level of efficiency and safety of this kind of work, as well as the accuracy of their results. At the same time, the Menatir unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system, on the contrary, significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of inspections, while being a more economical, times less labor-intensive, and safer option.

Drone Applications

Drone systems have enormous potential for use in almost any municipal area. We will look at the most relevant sectors in which drones can be used today.

1. Monitoring of transport infrastructure

The accuracy and quality of video and photography allow drones to promptly identify and transmit data on the condition of highways, freeways, tunnels, bridges, and other road facilities. Regular maintenance, weather, and other environmental conditions cause transportation infrastructure to fall into disrepair, and drones in turn can identify critical areas, and scope for maintenance or repair work in a timely manner, transmit data and prevent disaster.

2. Inspecting factories and plants

Drone technology can safely and quickly inspect chimneys and boilers for damage, analyze hard-to-reach utilities, provide accurate inventory at warehouses and conduct regular patrols in high-critical infrastructure areas.

3. Seaport surveys

UAVs at seaports can perform inventory and stocktaking, monitor cargo and traffic, and detect breakdowns and failures of cranes, docks, and buoys in a timely manner. Drones can also analyze arriving ships and tankers and transmit photo and video information about coastal areas.

4. Utility analysis

Utility outages can also be prevented by aerial monitoring. Drones can timely detect malfunctions in engineering networks due to the payload installed on them in the form of various sensors and sensors. The information collected in a short time from hard-to-reach and extended communication objects is transmitted by drones to the relevant authorities for further solutions to the problem.

5. Monitoring in the railway sector

One of the most important industries in the transport sector is the railway sector, which means its thorough and regular inspection is a must. The Menatir UAVs help to detect and avoid all risks beforehand and prevent the occurrence of track malfunctions.

6. Urban Infrastructure Inspections

Among other things, urban facilities need to be monitored and inspected at regular intervals. Stadiums, shopping malls, airports, bus and train stations, water parks, sports facilities, and critical infrastructure can be monitored by drones.

Advantages Of Using The Menatir System

Menatir benefits

The main and valuable advantages of a drone-assisted system should include:

  • Speed (tasks are performed dozens of times faster, regardless of the scale of the areas and weather conditions).
  • Data accuracy (drone payloads allow you to produce highly accurate and high-quality photos, video, and heat signatures in real time).
  • Minimization of risks (UAV inspection is the safest process for both personnel and equipment).
  • Mobility and automation (the system can be integrated into cities, regions, and countries, and the drones will perform work according to a set algorithm, with only one operator).

The potential of innovation is the productivity and efficiency of the whole world!



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