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7 Military Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Service Member

How can you find the perfect military gift for your loved one in the service or a loved veteran? They’ve dedicated many years of their life to serving this country and everyone living in it. How can you ever repay them?

Although a meaningful thank you goes a long way, there are a few other ways to show your appreciation as well. Finding the best military gifts will also help show your favorite service member just how much they mean to you. Where do you begin finding these gifts?

In the guide below, you’ll find multiple military gift ideas to consider. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Durable/Military Quality Watch

Your service member knows just how important it is to keep time in the military. Being on time is even more important. For these reasons, buying them a durable/military-grade watch is ideal.

A regular watch could get worn down quickly when worn by someone in the service. That’s why it’s essential for you to find a durable watch that can withstand just about anything. Water-proof/scratch-proof watches are ideal.

Do keep in mind, however, that you should avoid buying a watch with a GPS built into it, as they may not be able to wear it in classified areas.

2. Durable Water/Coffee Tumbler

As you most likely already know, your service member wakes up early each morning to get their day started. To help them start their day off right, you can gift them a durable coffee tumbler. A coffee tumbler will hold their coffee in it and prevent spills while keeping it hot for several hours.

They can also use their coffee tumbler for storing cold water throughout the day. After drinking their coffee, they can rinse the tumbler out and fill it with water throughout the day to keep them hydrated.

3. A Multitool 

A multitool comes in handy for several reasons. They can use their multitool any time they need scissors, a screwdriver, pliers, a knife, and more. Do some research to find a multitool that’s used the most by military members.

They’ll then be able to keep this one tool in their pocket or at their desk to easily access it when needed. You might even want to consider gifting them two so they can keep one at work and one at home.

4. Challenge Coin Collection

During the years spent in the military, service members will receive different challenge coins for various accomplishments. As they spend more years in the military, their coin collection will grow. Each branch of the military might have its own coins to hand out as well.

For example, there are navy challenge coins, army challenge coins, and so on. A challenge coin or a challenge coin display is a great gift for your military member. A new coin will be a great addition to their collection.

A display will give them a place to keep each coin where they can all be easily seen and admired.

5. A Durable Phone Case

After basic training, military members will be able to use their cell phones on a regular basis. Keeping their cell phones on them will expose their phones to different elements throughout the day. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for service members’ cell phones to become damaged.

A durable phone case will make a great gift for your military member. They can then carry their phone on them all throughout the day without the worry of breaking or damaging it. The phone case should also be waterproof to add an extra layer of protection.

6. A Personalized Flag Case

If you’re looking for a patriotic gift, then a personalized flag case is a great gift option! Leave it empty so your loved service member can place their own personal flag in the case. They may have a flag of sentimental value from a deployment, or another special occasion to put in the case.

The case will then protect the flag while still allowing your service member to display it and remember it. The case might have their name on it, the years spent serving the country and other important information.

7. A Customized Box Set of Gifts

One of the last military gift ideas to consider is a customized box set of gifts. This is a great option to choose from because you’ll be able to put any type of gift you want in it. You might want to fill the box with whiskey stones, a flask, perfume/cologne, and anything else you can think of.

Try to take some time to strategically plan this box set. Think of different small gifts that’ll fit into the box and are things that your service member will use on a regular basis. When you take the time to sit down and think of items they can really use, it’ll show just how much you appreciate them.

You can even consider coming up with a theme for the box. For example, you might want to put items in it for unwinding at home after a long workday or items for celebrating with friends.

Which Military Gift Will You Give?

Do you know which military gift you’ll choose for your favorite service member? Use the ideas listed above to help inspire your own ideas, or choose a few from this list to ensure you give them several items they’ll love. When you take the time and put in the effort when planning their gift, they’ll notice it and appreciate it.

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