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8 Spontaneous Gift Ideas for Someone Special in Your Life

Different cultures have their own approach to gift-giving such as Australians who are pretty relaxed about the whole affair! But, what about those times when you want to treat someone special in your life on the spur of the moment? Spontaneous gifts are a fun way of surprising your loved ones when they least expect it. And, it will make their day!

When looking for spontaneous gift ideas, you may feel stumped. One of the best ways to surprise a special person is to treat them to a flower delivery South Yarra florists offer local residents in the Melbourne area. Everyone loves to get a bunch of flowers no matter what the occasion! And that’s just one epic way of brightening someone’s day. Here’s a list of eight spontaneous gift ideas you can use to surprise someone special in your life.

8 Spontaneous Gift Ideas for Someone Special in Your Life

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

1. Gifts From the Florist

Flowers make a wonderful spontaneous gift every time. But, most florists also offer a range of gift ideas that can be delivered on the spur of the moment. Balloons, floral arrangements with chocolates and wine, plants in cute pots and mugs with quotes all make great spontaneous gifts. When shopping with an online florist, get adventurous and check out their list of gifts you can arrange to be delivered to your special one’s front door.

2. Self-Care Kits

Statistics show that only 40.4% of Australians place emphasis on self-care! You can change this by giving your friend a spontaneous self-care kit filled with goodies such as bath salts, candles, a journal and scrumptious snacks. Personalise your gift by adding items you know your loved one will really enjoy. This could be their favourite chocolates, a book full of motivational quotes or a mini bottle of sparkling wine to add some cheer.

3. Deliver a Restaurant Meal

Sometimes life gets out of hand and your friend may be struggling to find the time to make a decent meal. Organise for a meal to be delivered to them when they least expect it! It’s so easy nowadays to order meal deliveries online and you can even pick your friend’s favourite restaurant to send a meal round to him or her.

4. Email a Spa Treatment Voucher

What’s better than opening your Inbox to find a gift, rather than a work email. And it’s the best when this is a spa treatment voucher. It’s so practical because it can be done at any time.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to treat your loved one to a day at the spa. Go one step further and book their treatment at their favourite spa. This way, you know they’ll be comfortable too.

5. Arrange a Picnic

Surprise your special friend by arranging a picnic in a local park. You can make up your own picnic hamper full of food and drinks you know your friend enjoys. Or, order from a restaurant that makes picnic hampers. Tell your friend to keep a day open and pick them up on the way to the park. Don’t forget the blankets, wine glasses and insect repellent!

6. Deliver Groceries

Delivering groceries is a great way to spontaneously gift someone special who is ill, dealing with a new baby or simply haven’t got time to go shopping because of work commitments. Food delivery has taken off in countries such as Australia with increased online sales in recent years owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means it’s easier now to go online, order groceries and get them delivered to your friend whenever you feel like being spontaneous!

7. Book A Babysitter, Dog Walker or Handyman

Giving your loved ones some time out is one of the best ways to treat them impulsively!

  • Let them know you’ve booked a babysitter so they can take a much-needed break from the kids.
  • Send a dog walker to take the pets walking so your special one can have some free time.
  • Best of all, surprise them with a handyman who can do much-needed repairs around the house when your friend hasn’t had the time or funds to do it themselves.

8. Give Them Your Time

It’s so easy to gift someone your time. All you have to do is set aside time on your calendar, call the recipient and tell them you’re taking them out for lunch or dinner. This is a wonderful gift for someone who is lonely and loves to have your company. It takes very little effort from your side to treat someone to a spontaneous outing with you. And, social connection is vital for good health too.

Final Thoughts

Spontaneous gifts needn’t mean spending lots of money or time in the shopping mall. With online services making it easier to order and send gifts in the spur of the moment, you can surprise your loved ones at the drop of a hat! The next time you want to treat your friend impulsively, use this list to give you some great ideas. You’ll be glad you did when your loved one thanks you for making them feel special!

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