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Can Sales Engagement Software Help Improve Conversion Rates?

Sales engagement is a hot topic in marketing. The truth is that sales teams are under increasing pressure to find new ways to drive revenue. With more and more competition between companies, marketing departments are looking for innovative ways to engage customers on their turf.

It has led marketers to adopt technologies like lead nurturing, which allows nurturing leads through an automated drip campaign, rather than chasing the customer with calls and emails.

How Can Sales Engagement Software Help Improve Conversion Rates?

How Can Sales Engagement Software Help Improve Conversion Rates?

One of the biggest challenges with nurturing is getting reps to engage with prospects. The reality is that marketers are excellent at engaging with customers, but they lack the tools and information to drive sales. It is where sales engagement software comes in.

Here are a few ways in which the software can improve conversion rates.

1. Visualize Leads in the Pipeline

The software allows reps to see what leads are in their pipeline and how active they are. The best software will allow marketers to set different rules for different leads based on lead activity or demographic information.

For instance, a marketing manager may nurture a prospect who has been inactive for longer than 30 days while sending another prospect’s information over to their sales team.

It means that reps can see which leads are primed for nurturing and which ones aren’t. The software allows them to follow up on more potential opportunities rather than chase prospects who may not be interested in the product or service.

2. Establish a Real Connection with Leads

Sales teams have a tough time engaging prospects because they don’t know much about them. Without a real connection with leads, making a sale is challenging. You might want to ask yourself, “What is Sales Enablement?” The best sales enablement and sales engagement software will offer reps insights into their leads, including demographics, preferences, and offers analytics from all touchpoints. These insights can be used to personalize emails or information pushed to prospects.

For example, if a company offers home products and the software determines that a prospect owns a home, then reps can easily push information about lawn care or landscaping.

It helps to establish a real connection with leads and provides them with more relevant information that they might be interested in based on demographic data or their buying habits.

3. Increase Engagement Rates

It can be difficult for reps to engage leads at the early stages of their customer journey. It is why marketing teams need more tools and information from sales software.

According to a report, market analysts predict that the influencer marketing industry will be worth north of $15 billion by 2022.

It will allow marketers to connect with more leads consistently by pushing more content out via drip campaigns or nurturing programs. In addition, they will also be able to see which leads are most active and which ones are worth following up with.

4. Boost Sales Conversions

Making a sale is one of the biggest challenges that sales reps face. Many reps don’t know how to work leads through the buying process, resulting in wasted time chasing dead-end leads.

The best sales engagement software will provide reps with more information about prospects, including what stage they are in the buying process. It is valuable insight that can be used to find new opportunities or follow up with leads close to making a purchase.

It’s also crucial for sales teams to receive alerts when engaging with specific leads based on their activity. It helps reps work with leads in the buying process and pursue leads who aren’t ready.

5. Boost Marketing’s Image

Marketing teams have recently come under fire for poor customer engagement due to marketers lacking valuable insight into prospects’ activity. The best software is designed to give both reps and marketers visibility into key metrics, such as lead activity and engagement rates.

It will help to improve marketing’s image and boost the overall customer journey by working with prospects throughout their buying process.


Sales reps can benefit from sales engagement software in many ways. For marketers, it gives them more insight into what makes a prospect active or inactive so that they can focus on nurturing leads who are closer to making a purchase.

For reps, it makes the entire customer journey more efficient by helping to guide them towards prospects who are ready for engagement or nurturing those that aren’t.

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