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Walmart Business Cards: Pros, Cons And How To Apply

Business cards basically represent an organization’s brand value and also enhance the purchasing experiences. Furthermore, it is a feasible option to bring scalability to your sales volume. Needless to say that Walmart business cards are such types of credit cards, that would make your purchasing experience smooth. Are you a frequent shopper of Walmart? Or do you own a small business? Then Walmart business cards can help you in this regard to develop credit scores and credit history.

But are Walmart Business cards worth using? What are the pros and cons of Walmart business cards? How to obtain Walmart business cards? Does Walmart print business cards? Answers to all these questions are given in this review… keep reading.

About Walmart Business Cards – Overview And Fees

About Walmart Business Cards


Walmart business cards generally refer to the Walmart business credit cards. These are in-store charge cards curated for small businesses and employees who avail products and services from Walmart often. However, its usage is only limited to the Walmart establishments like stores, supermarkets, neighborhood markets, Walmart Grocery and Walmart Pharmacy, etc. Walmart is unique in every respect. Starting from its employee orientation system to business cards, it’s quirky in its own way. 


The best about using Walmart business cards is you will be able to enjoy discounts, facilities, credits, and reward points to the fullest. However, several policies and conditions apply in relation to such credits and points. Also, the Walmart business cards for store purchases are devoid of any yearly fees or overseas transaction fees. So you can utilize it fully at international stores without thinking of unnecessary charges. 

The Annual payment rate (APR) for the Walmart Business Card is 17.05%, with a grace span of 26 days. For the double consecutive missed payments in any 6 billing periods, the penalty APR rate is 24.99%. In addition, the late payment fee is certainly applicable, and it is $29 for the minimum new balance of $50. However, it is advisable to pay the full due payments each month on time to avoid these lat payment delinquency rates.

Pros of Walmart Business Cards

Pros of Walmart Business Cards

What are the unique pros of Walmart business cards that you can enjoy? Firstly, let me tell you that having a business card would allow you to coordinate your purchasing plans. Just like Amazon moments or ALDI’s zero-frill store design. Walmart business cards are the company’s special features. Here is a review of the pros of business cards Walmart; check them out:

  •  As business cards Walmart gives you structured monthly statements, you can manage the purchases and accounting aspects easily. 
  • Your business credit score will get optimized as Walmart business cards would help you settle the due payments on time.
  • It develops a sense of integrity and security for the employees. As Walmart business cards have a cap of use in Walmart only, there is no chance of misuse. 
  • You can easily curb the costs in the areas where your expenditure is high. Therefore, Walmart print business cards are compact financial or budget planners in disguise.
  • There is no annual fee which is pretty great. Moreover, its cash advance feature enables you to draw out $60 each day. 

Cons Of Walmart Business Cards 

Cons Of Walmart Business Cards 

Apart from the pros, Walmart business cards have a significant number of disadvantages. Let’s take a sneak peek at them:

  • The delinquent rates applied are a burden to several cardholders. Many people especially, small business owners out there, cannot pay off the balance timely each month. When it comes to a startup where the owner is struggling hard to meet overheads, it’s a liability. 
  • You can only use this business credit card at Walmart, which is a great obstacle. There are also not many benefits compared to its alternatives like Capital One Spark Cash for Business, Bento for Business Visa Debit Card, or American Express Blue Business Plans. 
  • Overall, you can’t extract the majority of the benefits from Walmart business cards, unlike Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard. 

Does Walmart Print Business Cards?

Does Walmart Print Business Cards

Walmart has printing services named Walmart Photos; however, that’s not really decent. If you want to print Walmart business cards or any banner or brochure, I would recommend you not to use Walmart business card printing. You won’t get any fancy designs here. Nevertheless, if you want to print the business cards at lower costs, then Walmart business card printing is the best option to choose from. 

Are you looking for a high-performing device for Walmart business cards printing? Avery business cards Walmart is an efficient printing device within budget. On the Walmart online store, the product has a 4.3 rating and is available at $4.57.

Get yours from: Click Here

How You Can For Walmart Business Cards?

How You Can For Walmart Business Cards

Are you willing to apply for Walmart Business credit cards? It’s quite easy. Just follow the few steps below:

1. Check Whether You Are Fulfilling The Requirements

There are certain demographic requirements you need to meet before being eligible for Walmart Business cards. For example, you have to belong to U.S. Citizenship, be at least 18 years, possess social security number (SSN), etc.  

2. Check The Credit Score

Maintain a score of a minimum of 640 in order to qualify for Walmart credit cards. Verify the credit scores before applying. 

3. Review The Credit Report

Revise the credit reports and rectify any disputes if they exist. Make sure you complete these steps earlier before applying for the Walmart business cards.  

4. Apply Online Or In-store

Now you can go for the online application to click here this link after the previous steps are completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Walmart Have A Business Card?

Walmart has a business card that is allowed to use in Walmart-affiliated places only. Although there are not many perks, if you are regular on your bills and payments, you can go for Walmart business cards.

Q2. How Much Does It Cost To Print 500 Business Cards?

Walmart photos provide printing services of business cards. There are different rates for Walmart business cards printing. For 500 Walmart business cards, it will take approximately $80. This is a pretty cheap amount, I believe.   

Q3. What Is The Best Printer At Walmart For Printing Business Cards?

At Walmart, several printers are available for printing Walmart Business Cards. However, the best quality printer is Avery 2″ x 3.5″ Business Cards, Sure Feed, Inkjet, 100 (28371). Avery Business Cards Walmart is a great deal if you are looking for decent quality, affordable products. 

Q4. How To Apply For Walmart Credit Cards For My Business?

You can apply from Walmart business cards by navigating into click here. Enjoy cashback, discounts, rewards, credit points with your purchases at Walmart.

The Final Words

Now that you know the details about Walmart Business Cards, what are you waiting for? Check all the requirements and start applying today. It will take a certain time period to complete the procedure, 2-3 weeks. The faster you apply, the speedier you will get the card to enjoy its benefits. 

Was this article helpful to meet your queries about Walmart Business cards and Walmart business card printing? Please drop your opinions in the comment area below; we would be delighted to hear you out.

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