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Seka Moving And Storage Services: Your Reliable Support Person With A Personalized Approach

moving and storage services

In recent years, the service of storing things is becoming more and more in demand.

When moving or renovating an apartment or office; when reducing residential, office, or commercial space; during a long business trip, or when renting an apartment the use of storage services will significantly simplify your life. All of these issues have one single solution, and that is no other than hiring moving and storage services.

Wondering where you can find reliable moving and storage services near you?

This article will give you the answers to the questions you care about! 

Storage Service By Seka Moving Company

Professional moving and storage services are the right solutions when you need a place to temporarily store your belongings.

SEKA Moving is a reputable moving company in the Tri-State and California that has been serving clients with a variety of needs for over a decade. 

Whether your reasons are personal or business, SEKA Moving will be happy to be your storage facility for any length of time.

Quality moving and storage services in a safe, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility, supervised by highly trained staff who will maintain your unit. 

Trustworthy Storage With A Personalized Approach

For many years, the companies have been the best long-distance moving and storage partners.

This is due not only to the quality service and excellent customer relations but also to the understanding that moving should be an integral part of a pleasant experience.

Therefore, services are built in such a way that allows customers to save money but without compromising the high standards of service. 

How To Prepare For The Storage Process?

Storage space is a great and affordable way to free up valuable space in your home or workplace, a great option to take the moving and storage services and keep things safe during a move, or to temporarily or permanently hide valuable items. 

moving and storage services

Here are our tips for preparing things for storage: 

1. Make A List Of The Things You Plan To Store

Research the storage options available to you, and then research storage restrictions. Many people are asking about how much do moving and storage services cost.

Every company’s services are different, and these services’ cost is entirely depending on your demanding services.

2. Prepare Your Things For Storage

Large items and other things can also be disassembled and need to be disassembled. Wrap up individual frames along with table legs in towels or under blankets to minimize the risk of getting damaged.

While packing for moving and storage services, make sure you are packing the crockery and other breakable items with extra care. One solution is to pack underneath the breakable and rugs. Another way is just to pack all sorts of breakable items in the sponge or pack artificial cushions.

3. Cleaning

Everything that is packed should be clean and completely dry to avoid mold, rot, or pests when you are taking the services from the Seka moving and storage services. 

They are going to take care of everything related to cleaning and hygiene maintenance. Actually, you do not have to worry about mold build-up problems. You can get over every type of facility along with the storage services.

4. Packing And Loading

Determine which items you’re likely to need access to sooner than the rest and place them in the front for convenience. Large and heavy items should lie at the bottom. 

In the case of sensitive items such as books, you should think about climate control to keep them intact. 

Storage Options & Security

We provide both types of short-term and long-term rental services options. Valuable items are stored in sturdy and super-secure wooden storage units.This also can hold up to 700 pounds of items.  

Unlike many facilities, we only offer private storage facilities to which only SEKA Moving employees have access. The only people who are allowed on the premises are our maintenance staff.

The video surveillance system records all activities in the warehouse. If you have any questions we will provide a recording.

In addition, our heating and air conditioning systems protect the warehouse from dryness and dampness, so things stay safe and sound.


In other words, regardless of the nature of the things, you plan to keep them in the warehouse – as long as those things are not prohibited you can always be sure that your things are under lock and key. And you’ll find them in the same pristine condition you left them in.  

So, Seka moving and storage services are quality service, affordable solutions, a fantastic team of movers, and friendly staff.

Among the many local moving and storage companies, we will win your attention.



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