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Beauty Products

Having flawless skin, smelling nice, and having your makeup spot on are what boost your confidence. From hair products, makeup, fragrances, bath and body accessories, iShopChangi is the place to find what you need.

And if you are not arriving or leaving Singapore via Changi airport, do not worry. This site, allows you to shop from anywhere and deliver your goods to your doorstep.

What you can find and iShopChangi

1. Gift & Value Sets

Gift & Value Sets

Imagine getting gifting items for your relatives and friends when traveling. If you end up buying everything for everyone, you are looking at quite an expenditure. If you have bath and body works ksa promo code you can end up saving a lot of money, and getting more things in the process.

Anytime you arrive or leave the airport, having a souvenir from the country you are going to or a gift set for the person you are visiting is always better than walking out empty-handed.

At iShopChangi, you can order a gift set of beauty products and have it sent to the airport. Custom-made gift sets from select products will help you make someone feel good about themselves. And if you are in Singapore, do not worry; the delivery system will see your value set sent to your doorstep in a few simple clicks.

2. Skin Care products

Skin Care products

Taking good care of your skin(if you are a beginner, make sure to follow our beginner’s guide for skincare)is always good for your tour. So, when you arrive in the warm Singaporean weather, you will need products to help you adapt to the weather and sun. So, if you need to keep your skin glowing when in Singapore and beyond, then iShopChangi should be the first place you visit.

From essence to eye care and moisturizers, iShopChangi has got it all covered: Cleansers and exfoliators, toners, and lotion serums. You can find all your skincare accessories and beauty devices, lip case, and mask treatments here. The best gift sets for skincare and coffrets are also available at affordable prices.

3. Haircare


Hair is an integral part of who you are. Whether short or long, straight or curly, taking care of your hair should be an essential routine. You will need products that promote hair growth, prevent damages, and make it easier for you.

The iShopChangi online shopping link for beauty products opens your doors to quality products, from suitable shampoos to conditioners and hair treatment products. You can also shop for styling products, hairbrushes, dryers, and other accessories.

4. Makeup

When going for a hot date, a meeting in the office, or for drinks with your friends, looking good compliments your outfit and brings out the best version of you. People spend a few minutes to hours in front of the mirror putting on makeup as part of looking good.

And if you go through all that, you might as well use high-quality makeup and accessories. Changi online shop makes it possible by providing the best face, eyes, hand, nails, and cheeks makeup. When you get back home, you can use their makeup remover to clean your skin before sleep.

5. Bath & Body

After a long day at work, having a nice shower or bath can ease the stress and relieve the tension in your muscles. But what makes it better is when you have a soothing bath bomb or shower gel.

When shopping at iShopChangi, you get to walk away with body lotions, scrubs, exfoliators, and sun care.

Take care of your beautiful skin by using quality products.

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