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4 Useful Pandemic Skincare Tips with Nature Republic

Skincare Tips with Nature Republic

Home quarantine was a challenging time for everyone, but it became a way for people to focus on their health and well-being. Self-care was the hottest trend for 2020.

Everyone started exercising, eating healthy, and even establishing simple skincare routines. If you are used to an unhealthy lifestyle or the pandemic is just getting into you that you cannot be productive, it might be tough to get up and move. Find your inspiration and take advantage of this time!

Mask, alcohol, and frequent handwashing have been our shield against COVID-19. However, these can dry our skin out and promote acne flare-ups. Most people are experiencing breakouts on their chin area due to prolonged wearing of masks. Don’t worry, because it is a normal reaction from the skin. Fortunately, it is not a hopeless case at all.

Follow these helpful tips to prevent it from happening and keep your skin clear and healthy behind the mask.

1. Tweak your skincare routine as needed:

Tweak your skincare routine as needed

We have a skincare regimen we have been doing religiously. But if you notice that it is not helping right now, do not be afraid to change it temporarily. It can be because of the products you use on your face, as they can react differently to particular circumstances. If you are into Korean skincare, you might have fewer chances of experiencing skin irritation.

You have to pay attention to non-comedogenic products or products that do not clog your pores as they are highly beneficial during this time. Many comedogenic products are available in the market; always be wary. Look for brands like the Nature Republic if you need a reliable and trusted beauty brand.

2. Moisturize and hydrate your skin effectively:

You might think that you are effectively moisturizing and hydrating your skin just by smothering moisturizers on your face. We are sorry to break it to you, but that is not how it works.

During the pandemic, we wash our hands and shower more often. Frequent showering and washing can strip off our skin’s natural oils, which can make our skin dry. Dry skin will increase your chances of getting acne because your glands will overproduce oils and clog your pores.

Just like how the body and facial soaps work, never use your body lotion on your face as it can be too strong for your face, and it can clog your pores. If you are looking for a lightweight moisturizer, go for the beginner’s favorite Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel.

3. Treat your pimples as soon as possible:

As much as it is always tempting to pop your pimples, avoid doing it. It can make inflammation worse, and it can even spread to other pores if you keep touching and bothering it. Once you see developing acne, start treating it to prevent further inflammation. Pimples are already nasty, but wearing masks makes it worse.

Using pimple patches under your mask is an effective way to protect your pimples from worsening. Our skin is exposed to a moist environment under the mask, and it is the perfect nest for bacteria to grow.

Friction can also make it worse as it can irritate the skin and the pimple itself. Once you get home, do your skincare routine and apply a spot treatment to the troubled area. You should try Nature Republic’s Bee Venom Treatment Spot and Clear Spot Patch for your pimple care.

4. Limit your makeup for now:

We understand the frustration you might feel while reading this last tip. It can be challenging to let go of our favorite makeups, but try to avoid it for now. No, you do not have to go completely bare-faced. Only limit your makeup around the areas covered by the mask, and you are free to apply anything to your eye area.

Make this the perfect time to master your eye makeup application as it is the only part people can see during the pandemic. However, you can apply makeup as long as it is non-comedogenic if you cannot limit your makeup application at all.


The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives in every way possible. Unfortunately, it is hard to fight an enemy we cannot see. The only thing we can do is adapt to our new environment for now. However, do not neglect your skin health just because no one can see it at this time. Always keep your skin healthy!

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