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Essential Tips To Keep The Bathroom Clean And Safe

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Most people begin and end their days with their morning and nighttime routines inside the facility.

It is an essential part of the house, and it’s necessary to keep it safe, functional, and clean. According to statistics, bathroom accidents are among the highest when house occupants are among those in the elderly stage.

It is, therefore, important for homeowners to keep in mind that they have to update and upgrade their facilities as necessary.

Updating the bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. However, as a homeowner, you must work with reputable contractors to ensure you achieve their vision for the property. You can also save by visiting trustworthy walk-in baths Wickes depots to choose their fittings and other bathroom additions to ensure they have a gorgeous but fully-functional space.

Top 7 Tips To Keep The Bathroom Clean And Safe

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Here are some tips to keep the area as clean and safe as possible.

1. Make all surfaces skid-proof

Among the priorities you have to consider is ensuring that floorings are skid-proof. There are several tiles and floor coverings that are safe even when wet. Installing them in the area can decrease the possibility of accidents due to slippage and other similar instances.

2. Install better features 

Another way to keep the area safe is by installing a walk-in shower bath. This bathroom feature makes the bathroom more streamlined and appears more spacious. It also doesn’t have a curb or a tub to step through, which, for elderly individuals, is already a huge advantage. They wouldn’t have to worry about their mobility and will have a lower chance of slipping and meeting an accident.

Free PSD bathtub with curtain, cupboard and shower

3. Install grab bars

Choose to elevate the site’s safety even more by installing grab bars everywhere as needed. Elderly individuals who wish to be less supervised can grab onto these additions to help them stabilize. In addition, the support these bars provide will allow people with limited mobility to move from one area to another easily.

4. Use handheld showerheads 

Handheld showerheads are easily maneuverable and recommended for people with limited mobility. This way, they wouldn’t have to stand long to enjoy the benefits of a good shower.

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5. Provide adequate lighting 

One of the things that homemakers have to ensure is to install of adequate lighting fixtures in the space. They can also install bigger, privacy-filmed windows to let natural light in during the daytime. A well-lit bathroom is considered safe because people can easily see where everything is located.

6. Secure everything properly 

Among the reasons why people encounter accidents in the bathroom is when fixtures, fittings, and other accessories aren’t properly bolted down. Periodically tighten the bolts in the facility to prevent accidents from happening.

7. Place appliances far from water sources

As a prevention, ensure that all sockets and appliances are far from the faucet and shower heads. One of the top reasons for accidental electrocutions is the wrong location of such items in the bathroom.

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Keeping the bathroom functional, safe, and clean should be one of the priorities for homeowners, especially if they have the elderly living with them. Several things can be done to ensure the area is in the best condition possible.



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