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Actually! What Is In Our Tap Water?

What Is In Our Tap Water

Have you ever wondered and wanted to know what is in our tap water? Then this is the right spot for you. Many of us prefer drinking water right from the tap.

Are you one of those who prefer to drink tap water or buy bottles for your water supply?

It’s often more convenient to go about drinking tap water, but we don’t often think about if there are chemicals in tap water. We often don’t think about whether the public water or our water supply is the healthiest choice available.

This quick guide will show you what essential minerals exist in tap water and whether it’s the best choice for you.

Here’s what you need to know about tap water:

Are Any Harmful Chemicals Present In The Tap Water?

Let’s see what exactly is in our tap water first by looking at some of the chemicals in tap water that can cause potential harm. You want to ensure that your water supply isn’t rife with such chemicals; let’s see what is in our tap water. 

Tap Water

First, let’s start with the components of tap water, and you will understand the facts.

Here are the names of two chemicals which are the most available chemicals in tap water.

1. Chlorine:

Chlorine is a common disinfectant in water, and you’ll most likely find it used to help clean swimming pools. If your water supply has chlorine, it’s often not too difficult to clean it out before drinking.

All you have to do is pour water into a glass or large pot and leave it out to evaporate. This will take near about 2-3 hours in most cases. So what is in our tap water? Chlorine is the main chemical that present in the water. It may be making the water germ free, but it self chlorine is a harsh chemical.

2. Fluoride

Fluoride is a chemical that many of us have gotten used to consuming, particularly with our toothpaste. While this has certain health benefits, it can also cause issues with weight gain and even depression.

As a result, you might want to install a water filter to rid yourself of potential fluoride. Make sure you look up reverse osmosis filters when you’re shopping around for water filters.

Ask a professional to help you install these filters so that you don’t have issues with maintenance later. Many of the tap water drinkers are asking about what is in our tap water. This component is also present in tap water. 

Yes, Fluoride is a germ killer. But the adverse effects are undeniable. So if you are thinking of drinking tap water, always remember what types of components are present in your tap water.

Is It A Good Habits And Best Practices?

tap water Best Practices

Now you know what is in our tap water. Let’s look at a few best practices to follow to ensure that you keep your water supply clean. And drinking tap water sometimes seems a little dangerous. As you are well aware that what types of chemicals are present in the water?

The best practice is always to drink mineral water. While there are no guarantees, this is the best route to drinking water that has low levels of harmful chemicals.

You should buy water from bottles but never drink directly from them. Always pour them into a glass or drink them out of a steel tumbler or flask.

You can also boil water before drinking. While this might not always be the most delicious option, it’s the safest. You can also buy ice bags and drink the water after the ice melts.

You should always stock enough water in your home whenever possible. This ensures that you’ll have clean water in case of an emergency. You should also never collect water from a lake or river for drinking.

Always Think Before You Drink The Tap Water

Drink The Tap Water

Now you know about the possible issues with tap water and the best practices with your water supply. I think this is already clear to you about what is in our tap water. But always remember these points before drinking tap water.

The biggest chemicals in tap water to look out for are chlorine and fluoride. You can get rid of chlorine by letting the water sit for a few hours to evaporate.

Make sure you invest in a great filter to help rid you of any potential fluoride. Follow our best practices to consume healthier water. Stick to mineral water and buy water bottles in bulk.

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