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Shanna Mendiola: Net Worth, Biography & Her Family

Shanna Mendiola is a famous Filipino American meteorologist. Her mother is Filipino, and her father is American. She was born on 27th October 1984. You are familiar with her face because she is a famous face from the television world.

Shanna’s philanthropic work and Emmy Award-winning achievements are making her look more recognizable. If you are frequently visiting NBC4, you undoubtedly know her face from her morning news schedules and television entertainment programs. From the early days of her life, she started to show her interest in science. And She has a unique talent and bright nature.

If you ask to know about her private life, Shanna Mendiola is a very private person. She likes to keep her personal life secret and not disclose her personal relationship to the world. This is another great thing, and people know her name because of her talent and the awards. So let’s take a look at her early childhood days.

Shanna Mendiola’s Childhood Days

Shanna Menedol’s Childhood Days

She was born in California. Her father is American, and her mother is an Illinois-born Filipino. Shanna Mendiola is interested in the school science department. And her childhood dream was to become a successful scientist. Her mother was a professional nurse, but Shanna does not want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Instead, she wants to explore her career with her own credential. As a student, she was a very bright student in her class.

As the time passed, she sharted to show her passionate interest in weather forecasting. Shanna was fascinated by the legendary weather forecaster AI Rocker. She chose to be a professional new reader from that time. She enrolled in the San Francisco State University. And from there she completed her graduation in the Television and radio subject.

Shanna Mendiola’s interest in weather forecasting is driving her to the television and the entertainment world. After completing her graduation from the San Francisco state university, Shanna earned her meteorology certifications from the Mississippi State University.

Shanna Mendiola’s Net Worth

Shanna Mendiola’s Net Worth

She is a very successful anchor and meteorologist. From the starting of early 2020, her net worth is crossing over $200,000. This amount is coming from her hard work and her great passion for the meteorology sector. Along with her outstanding achievements, her passionate voluntary works also make her name famous. 

We have known her face from the television presence and the different voluntary works. Along with her excellent television involvement, she is also participating in many awards competitions. Her intelligent mind and great passionate adaptability are helping her to achieve recognition. And from her dynamic profession and the awards prices, her net worth is crossing over $200,000.

Shanna Mendiola’s Bright Career

Shanna Mendiola’s Bright Career

She always wants to pursue her career as a professional weather broadcaster. And after she earned her Meteorology certificate from the Mississippi state university. She started her career as an intern in the weather broadcasting department. Shanna Mendiola’s best achievement is that she is working for many networks. And these multiple types of jobs are helping her to live in different areas of the United States.

The most popular networks are KGO-TV, KWGN, KTVZ-TV, and KDVR. And you started to recognize her face from these multiple-channel television appearances. Due to her career requirements, Shanna is living in many places in the United States, such as the Organ, San Francisco, Denver, and Seattle.

And after a few years, she joined NBC 4 In 2004. And from joining there, her Television appearances have become stronger. Since the joining of NBC 4, her career has turned to be more bright, and she slowly made her way towards awarded achievements. 

After joining a big channel, many people are starting to think of the last time they got to settle. But Shanna Mendiola is different. She starts to shine in her career. And her talented nature and hard work are helping her to grow. Hence in 2016, her hard work and talent paid off with the Emmy award.

The Meteorology Work Of Shanna Mendiola

Meteorology Work Of Shanna Mendiola

She started to get fame from her news anchoring and meteorology works. And this is her main recognition. Along with the methodology works, we have to know her face from her philanthropic works. Her interest in science is closely helping her to shine. She is known as intelligent and modern. And all the devices that have been used for her news anchoring and weather broadcasting are highly professional technical devices.

Her weather broadcasting started at 4 a.m., and from 2 a.m, she started to work out for her news. Generally, we have known her name as she often uses very modern devices during her weather forecasting. For example, she uses NBC Washington’s exclusive StormRanger 4. The mobile truck is so equipped; hence often, the portable radar truck is called the NBC4x4Caster. It works as an entirely independent mobile weather station.

Philanthropic Works Of Shanna Mendiola

Philanthropic Works Of Shanna Mendiola

Not only from the television appearances, but we have also known her face from her marvelous philanthropic works. For example, Shanna is participating in the dancing competition dance with the anchors. And from here, she also wins the competitions, and after her winning, she donated her $7,000 award money to the anchor center for the blind children.

Shanna Mendiola is a very well-known face of the Filipino community. She provides help after the super tycoon Hariyan attacks as a survivor from the blood clots. Now she is organizing awareness programs to prevent blood clots and treatments. In 2015 she participated in an event called Run For Today.

She is participating in various types of volunteer activities. Southern California is the place where you can see her various volunteer programs. She is also recently supporting an organization that is supporting visually impaired children. If you go through her details, you will see that Sanna Mandiola is an award-winning successful television meteorologist with a very compassionate heart.

Wrapping It Up:

Shanna Mendiola is a very private kind of person. Her Brown eyes, brown hair, and slim built body type is adding a very professional active look to her appearance. But rumors are that alleys are the parts of the famous and successful talented people’s life.

Sanna Mendiola also has some rumors about her personal life; hence she does not even share her personal life news with the public. The rumor is that recently Shanna is dating Brian Tong, another famous television host. Thus, they have been spotted together in many places, but there are no professional announcements about the rumors.

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