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Walmart Grocery- Product Reviews And Price Range In 2023

Walmart Grocery

Grocery shopping is something that every household needs to do very carefully. As we purchase items required for daily living, it deserves special attention. It is always advisable to get your groceries from reputed supermarkets or stores. Why? – Brand Image always speaks right? Well, it’s not unknown that Walmart Grocery is such an example of a branded grocery store. 

But is Walmart Grocery delivery really worth it? If you have decided to try Walmart Grocery for the first time, read this article carefully till the end. We have jotted Walmart products, their prices, Walmart grocery pickup reviews, Walmart online grocery shopping reviews, and much more. 

About Walmart Grocery

About Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery allows you to order goods from your local Walmart shop and have them delivered to your door. You may order grocery items, pharmacy products, foods, drinks, or home furnishings through the company’s website or app. 

The year 1988 marks the beginning of Wal mart grocery shopping services. Since then, it is meeting the daily needs of millions of Americans every day. 

Advantages Of Shopping At Walmart Grocery Store

Following advantages, you can enjoy upon shopping from the Walmart Grocery:

  • Most of the Walmart grocery pickup reviews are positive. 
  • You can choose a plethora of products from wide product categories 
  • Affordable prices of the products 
  • Promises delivered according to the engaging Wal mart Grocery Ad.
  • Simple Returns and Refunds Policy
  • Faster delivery and efficient Walmart Curbside pickup system

Disadvantages Of Shopping At Walmart Grocery Store

A number of Walmart grocery shopping reviews state various demerits that people come across often. Especially, the reputation for Walmart grocery pickup and delivery Columbus is slightly disappointing. The most highlighted Wal mart Grocery Disadvantages are as follows:

  • Handpicking vegetables and fruits are not allowed. 
  • You will only find products of Walmart, not outsourced products are available. 
  • At some places, the delivery and pickup services are a bit slower, for instance: Walmart grocery pickup and delivery Columbus.

Walmart Online Grocery Products Available And Price

Walmart Online Grocery Products

Are you going to shop from Walmart for the first time? Then you must be worried about the quality of the products – right? Well, sit back and relax. When it comes to product taste, and freshness, variety, and brands, Walmart Online Grocery ranks number one on the planet. Wanna take a look at some of the products list and prices? Lets’ Go!

1. Fruits (Walmart Clean Eating Shopping List)



Oranges  $3.98 – 4 lb. bag
Apples $4.77 – 3 lb. bag
Cherry Tomatoes  $1.50 – 10 oz. container
Avocados $0.68 each
Lemons  $2.37 – 2 lb. er bag
Zucchini  $1.98 for a pack of 3
Cucumbers  $1.44 for a pack of 2
Yams  $2.98 – 3 lb. bag

2. Milk And Milk Products


Butter  $2.48 – 4 stick
Cottage Cheese  $2.64 – 24 oz
Cheddar Cheese $7.98 – 32 oz. block
Milk  3.52 – 1 gal

3. Frozen Foods (Unsweetened)



Raspberries  $3.23 – 1 lb bag
Blueberries $3.23 – 1 lb. bag
Strawberries  $2.38 – 1 lb. bag
Berry Medley  $3.88 – 1 lb. bag

4. Nuts, Grains, And Dry Fruits 



Calorie Packs $2.68 – 7 packs box
Pistachios (Only nuts)  $4.58 – 6 oz
Almonds  $5.98 – 1 lb
Pistachios (With Shells) $4.58 – 6 oz
Pitted Dates  $2.78 – 8 oz.
Raisins  $3.28 – 20 oz. container
Oats (Organic Oats) $3.54 – 2 lb 10 oz
Brown Rice (Quaker Brand)  $3.54 – 2 lb 10 oz

5. Seafood And Poultry 



Shrimp  $5.00 – 12 oz
Chicken Breasts (Froze, boneless) $6.98 – 3 lbs. or  $10.98 – 5 lbs
Eggs $1.98 – 1 dozen (Brand: First Light)

 6. Pantry Products



Whole Wheat Flour  $3.64 – 5 lbs
Olive Oil $5.48 – 25.5 fl. oz
Maple Syrup $7.98 – 12.5 fl. oz
Wheat Germ $4.18 – 12 oz. jar
Green Tea  $3.46 – 40 bag bo
Coffee $4.28 – 11.3 oz
Pasta (Whole Wheat Great value Walmart Brand) $1.00 – 13.25 oz

7. Beans And Lentils 


Green Split Peas  $1.08 – 1 lb. bag
Pinto Beans  $1.38 – 1 lb. bag
Black Beans  $1.38 – 1 lb. bag
Kidney Beans  $1.98 – 1 lb. bag

Customer Reviews About Walmart Grocery

Customer Reviews 1

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Customer Reviews 2

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Customer Reviews 3

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Customer Reviews 4

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The Judgement – Should You Shop From Walmart Online Grocery?

Walmart Online Grocery

Here comes the most interesting part of the post – Should you place orders from Walmart Grocery online? Did you notice that there is something quirky about Walmart in every respect, be it Walmarts orientation system or departmental stores…the brand stands out in the market. 

I hope you have got a glimpse of this question from the above sections. But let me highlight the final takeaways of whether should you shop from Walmart Online Grocery from a different perspective:

1. Pricing

Walmart Grocery prices for placing orders online are fixed – $35. This is simply great when you need something suddenly. In addition, the gift cards, coupons, and Walmart Grocery Promo Codes make the deals more valuable.   

So a YAY from us in terms of Pricing. 

2. Packaging

Walmart Grocery Delivery stores pack your items in plastic bags. This is one of the greatest disadvantages of shopping for groceries at Walmart. You cannot use your own recyclable bags instead of plastic wrappings. Also, those bags are not exempt from fees. So from the perspective of environment friendliness, Walmart’s packaging is not up to the mark. 

A NAY from us for Wal-mart Grocery Materials and Packaging! 

3. Freshness

Walmart strives hard to stock and sell the best quality fresh products to its valuable customers. However, there are possibilities that frozen foods, canned foods, and drinks may not be as fresh as you expect. But overall, Walmart products are safe to use, tasty and fresh as well. 

A YAY from us in terms of Freshness and Product Quality! 

4. Variety

People know Walmart Grocery more because of its product variety. Once you enter their store, you will lose amongst the ocean of items. Additionally, there are a myriad of product categories to choose from, including diet-friendly varieties. What more do you need from an online Grocery store?

A YAY from us for the broad product varieties at Walmart!  

5. Pickup And Delivery

Walmart provides both same-day pick up and overnight pickup in case you want to return your product. The process is quite flexible and smooth. The groceries are also delivered to the door, which is truly a fantastic option for working families. The doorstep delivery generally costs $7/95 to $9/95, but it depends on products, package weight, and travel distance.   

You can also enjoy same-day Free delivery for a $98 annual plan. However, there are complaints about Walmart pick up and delivery system from many customers, particularly for Walmart grocery pickup and delivery Columbus. 

So a YAY to their pickup and delivery policies but a NAY to regional complications.  

6. Returns And Refunds

One of the most hyped things about Walmart Grocery is its returns and refunds policies. In this respect. The flexibility in this regard is out of the world. There are returning provisions via scheduled home pickup, free mail, in-store returns, etc. Nevertheless, the refund duration may take up to 2-3 weeks. But most of the time, the money gets credited to your original payment mode within 5-10 business days. 

Again a big YAY for their returns and refunds system.  

Frequently Asked Question  

Q1. Where Is Walmart Grocery Delivery Near Me?

To check “where is Walmart Grocery Delivery Store Near Me”, firstly navigate to the Walmart website or app. Click on Change for delivery and select the Delivery tab. After that, enter your address and finally hit the Save option.   

Q2. Does Walmart Grocery Ad Team Give Weekly Ad?

Yes, Walmart gives weekly ads for every day offers, bonuses, coupons, value offers, gifts, etc. You can view all those from the Walmart Official Website or Walmart mobile app

Q3. What Time Do Walmart Grocery Slots Open?

Walmart slots for groceries provide a single-hour window for 15 separate time choices. The slots begin at 7:00 am to 8:00 am and remain open up to 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Q4. Does Walmart Neighborhood Market have groceries?

Walmart Neighborhood Grocery markets are traditional supermarkets. You will find fresh vegetables, frozen foods, dairy goods, packaged meat, and many others at Walmart Neighborhood Grocery stores. 

Signing Off

Being the largest supermarket chain in the world, Walmart Grocery also secured the topmost position in the Grocery Store Industry. Moreover, from the review guide above, it is evident that Walmart Grocery delivery is the world’s fastest, convenient and cheaper solution to get weekly groceries. 

So, if you are thinking of giving Walmart Online Delivery a try, close your eyes and go for it. Also, make sure you use the Walmart grocery promo code before you start filling the cart. Has this article satisfied your intriguing minds? Do not forget to leave your experience of Walmart Grocery Delivery Service in the comment area below.

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