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How Long Is Walmart Orientation? – Best Guide

How Long Is Walmart Orientation? – Best Guide

how long is walmart orientation

Getting shortlisted for a job is exceptionally tedious. Especially with companies that have a strict hiring process, the entire system can be too extensive. For example, Walmart has a much larger and diversified field of job applicants. It is because thousands of people apply for different positions each year. 

If you are one of the many candidates applying, you must consider how long is Walmart orientation. Then you should know that their orientation system is pretty flexible and hassle-free. 

The guide will talk about the duration of the orientation of candidates at Walmart. In addition, we will highlight some other crucial information about the hiring process of Walmart.  

The Background Of The Company Walmart

Company BackgroundWalmart is an American Multinational retail entity operating a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, department stores in the United States. The origin of the company dates back to 1962 when Sam Walton founded it in Arkansas. 

As per the data updated on 30th April 2021, there are 10526 clubs and stores in 24 countries across the globe. Walmart is the largest business in the world in terms of its revenue – US$548.743 million. 

Furthermore, it is the largest private non-government employer in the world, with approximately 2.2 million employees. Some of the company’s products are clothing, footwear, toys, health and beauty, and grocery.

What Is An Orientation And Some Essential Facts About Orientation?

Facts About OrientationOrientation programs aim to familiarize future employees with a new work environment, workflow structure, and system. In addition, it allows them to connect with the work responsibilities and build a relationship with their peers. 

At the time of orientation, the supervisor assists the employees to get familiarized with the entire organizational functions. It involves work areas, colleagues as well as company culture. 

In an orientation session, employees are given opportunities to interrogate their mentors about different work-related aspects. This adds value to their work culture and organizational productivity as well. 

What Are The Hiring Stages In Walmart?

Hiring Stages In WalmartHow long is an orientation at Walmart? To get a perfect answer to this question, it is necessary first to clear the concept of the onboarding process. So let us have a look at each step one by one: 

1. The Application

Walmart receives exclusively online applications. You can fill up the application form at home or any hiring campaign. The whole process could take up to 1 hour, depending on how fast you can gather your documents. You can find the form on the Careers page of the official website of Walmart.  

2. The Online Assessment 

The second step is an online assessment. The structure and pattern of the evaluation will depend on the type of job role. Follow the instructions on the screen carefully before selecting or writing any answer. 

3. The First Interview

Walmart chooses the best candidate out of 3 after interviewing each of them at one go. As a result, you may face tricky, multi-faceted questions from interviewers.   

4. The Second Interview

Once the team shortlists you in the first interview, you will get a call from the HR team for the second interview round. This round comprises 3-4 interviewers who critically analyze your skills and abilities.

5. The Orientation

You can expect a call for your orientation after clearing the drug test and background check.

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The Details Of The Onboarding Process In Walmart

Onboarding ProcessHave you got selected in Walmart despite having an upcoming event? We are pretty much sure that you are bothered about whether you can attend the orientation successfully. That’s why we have brought the complete details about how long is Walmart orientation. 

Knowing the orientation duration is ineffective if you have zero ideas about what happens in Walmart’s orientation. It is the reason why we have narrated the entire activities that will occur on your orientation day. Read the below segment carefully so that you can schedule your plans without any overlap.  

  • The procedure of orientation lasts for three days. The first two days revolve around paperwork, videos, and a basic idea about the organization. Nonetheless, you are not alone in this process. There will be a lot more people along with you along your supervisors. 
  • Furthermore, the third day of orientation will encompass a series of computer-based training modules. They are Case-Based Learning, aka CBL. One crucial module among them is Alcohol Compliance that will present several dos and don’ts concerning alcohol consumption. 

Each of these modules teaches you what it’s like to be a part of Walmart. Moreover, after the successful completion of the modules, there would be a quiz. 

  • If you do not get the minimum score on the quiz, you have to repeat it as long as you do. Have you noticed how systematic the orientation process is? Indeed it is. 

The onboarding structure of Walmart is so well-structured that you will automatically gain a sense of trust once you place your first step via orientation.  

We often receive questions regarding how long is Walmart orientation for an overnight stocker?. This stage lasts for three days for any job, whereas it takes up to 8-9 hours each day. 

The Bottom Line 

How long is Walmart orientation? – We hope that all your queries have been clarified in this guide. 

After coming across all the vital pieces of information about Walmart’s orientation and hiring procedure, you must feel confident enough by now. If the team has already selected you, sit back and relax. You will be getting an official communication about the orientation planning. Also, start scheduling your other commitments. 

On the contrary, those who are yet to apply to hurry up and start the procedure. All the very best to you, and I wish you an incredible Walmart Journey ahead.  

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