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Best Live Streaming Trends

live streaming trends

The current world events headed by the COVID-19 epidemic have shaken the global community and forced people to have a brand new look at common spheres. Such events threw people back for decades, which gave rise to live streaming app development

New trends and developments started to be launched at the speed of light. Let’s see what innovations are waiting for us in 2021.

Best Live Streaming Trends

To reduce your time and effort, we have brought the best live streaming trends that you should know in 2021. 

1. Telemedicine Gains Incredible Popularity

Telemedicine is a remote provision of medical services (for example, patient monitoring and consultation) and the interaction of medical employees with each other using telecommunication technologies.

With the development of telemedicine, a person saves time and effort because it becomes possible to communicate with a specialist online. This is true for residents of megalopolises, who often do not have enough time to monitor their health and sit in queues. But telemedicine technologies are also good news for people living in rural areas because, as a rule, highly qualified doctors work in cities.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Shake the Current Market

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Shake the Current Market

Artificial intelligence is the name of not a single algorithm, but rather a group of methods that are used to solve various kinds of tasks. Algorithms that use learning approaches are just one of the subgroups of the whole set of algorithms that are commonly called artificial intelligence. Machine learning is an approach in which an algorithm “learns” to solve a problem.

With the help of machine learning, AI can determine data, remember information, make predictions, reproduce ready-made models, and choose the most suitable option from the proposed ones.

Such systems are especially useful where it is necessary to perform huge amounts of calculations: for example, bank scoring (calculating a credit rating), analytics in the field of marketing and statistical research, business planning, demographic research, investments, search for fake news and fraudulent sites.

In marketing and e-commerce, machine learning helps customize services and applications to deliver personalized recommendations. For instance, the “Spotify” streaming service uses machine learning to create personalized track selections for each user based on the kind of music they listen to.

Key research today is focused on developing data-efficient machine learning – that is, deep learning systems that can learn more efficiently, with the same performance, in less time, and with less data. Such systems are in demand in personalized healthcare, teaching robots with reinforcement, and analyzing emotions.

3. Cloud Gaming Takes the Leading Positions

3. Cloud Gaming Takes the Leading Positions

This is a new technology that allows starting computer games on a remote server rather than on a user’s device. It performs according to the streaming model: the server transmits video and audio streams to the gamer. In this case, the user handles the character from his/her device.

Cloud gamers do not have to regularly spend funds on expensive computer updates to meet the top necessities of the gaming sector. The most demanding games can be started from any device (even a TV) with minimal time delays. The technology is called one of the main modern innovations: by 2024, the cloud gaming market is expected to grow tenfold to $450 million.

Competition with the Internet of Things, smart homes, and voice assistants is forcing TV manufacturers to look for new ways to use devices. Cloud gaming is one of the main ways to attract new audiences. For example, Nvidia’s Wink + Gaming TV Box, which supports most computer controllers.

For mobile operators, cloud gaming is a great way to diversify their businesses and prepare customers for the need for 5G. Now, the audience of PC and laptop users with a broadband Internet connection is in the focus of these services since the mobile connection is still lagging behind in terms of speed. 

However, with the development of 5G networks, the latency on mobile devices will be minimal. In the future, thanks to 5G, games will bring a large traffic flow for operators: experts predict that by 2022, it may reach a quarter of the entire mobile Internet load.

In addition, cloud gaming technology has the potential to transform the advertising and marketing industry. Microsoft has recently stated that it is going to showcase games for xCloud in a new way. By clicking on the banner on Facebook, the player can immediately get into the gameplay and test the game universe.

4. Online Shopping Displays Offline Stores

4. Online Shopping Displays Offline Stores

Digital fitting rooms and furniture selection in virtual reality… Shopping in the current decade will be easier than ever before. According to Nielsen, about half of consumers (51%) are ready to use augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies to select goods.

AR filters and smart mirrors will allow us to more accurately select clothes according to size, which means that we do not have to return goods again. Manufacturers will be able to predict demand in advance by releasing digital collections and adjusting the product range. 

It will also become easier to search for things: smart image search is already used by many large retailers, such as AliExpress and ASOS.

On the one hand, ads will become more intrusive and frighteningly accurate, on the other, the shopping process will become easier.

The omnichannel model will come to the fore. This is an approach that combines all the tools of communication with the client into one system. You can easily switch between online and offline, switch from the mobile version of the store to the desktop, contact support by phone or messenger. Convenience will be a priority.

The boundaries between a physical point of sale and an online store will blur. For example, you can check out products on Instagram, get them at the nearest point of sale, and, if necessary, issue a refund at the retailer’s flagship store.

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5. Online Fitness Keeps Everybody Fit and Curved

Online fitness and home workout technology isn’t just a passing trend. Today, this is one of the most rapidly developing areas since because of the pandemic, everyday life at a distance has firmly entered our lives. The global digital fitness market is expected to reach $27 million by 2022 and grow further.

Modern fitness equipment manufacturers allow using over 100 virtual tracks with views from all over the world, which are great motivators for elliptical trainers, treadmills, and steppers. Ever since Apple introduced the first wearable fitness technology, the fitness accessory trend has grown at a tremendous pace. Stylish accessories such as watches and even rings can now replace your personal fitness coach.

The Final Thoughts 

Online fitness workouts and conferences with a coach are the easiest way to enable home workout technology. Top fitness clubs and even trainers of celebrities offer immersive online workouts that you can stream to any device. You can now train with the leading celebrity programs by accessing their trainers online. 

Virtual reality is ready to take you to a different fitness format. These are effective fitness solutions that can inspire and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals through real-life games and scenarios.

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