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The Difference Between Local SEO And International SEO

With the concept of globalization, every company has a diluted wish to go global and market internationally. But the real-world scenario is harder than you think. Going global is not as easy as you think.

Well, when you are on the World Wide Web, the line between close and far becomes narrow. When we sit in front of a computer, we know we can go anywhere to access anything in terms of general usage.

But this is not how the marketing world works. In fact, if you want to go global, you will have to consider totally different business approaches.

So, the task is not easy at all for entrepreneurs. The only solution here is to go for international SEO steps.

Well, we live in a modern world where digitalization is the only option to grow your business. Digital marketing is the key to modern marketing aspects.

You will be astonished to know the fact that a total of $436 was spent in 2021 on digital marketing. This is very high compared to only $196 billion on offline advertising.

Here we will try and acknowledge the difference between local SEO and international SEO. These are the two prominent options to excite the digital world.

Keep reading to understand the intentions of international SEO and how it differs from local SEO to acknowledge the global success of an organization.

What Is Local Seo?

What Is Local Seo

If you want to understand the difference between these SEO types, you have to be aware of what local and international SEO are.

Well, putting it simply in words, local SEO is based on a particular area where it tries to top the list using keywords based on the location. It is a great benefit for the brick and mortar offices to use local SEO.

For instance, if you have a design company in Atlanta, you will want the Atlanta people to recognize your company name. In such situations, location-based SEO works the best.

Gaining placement with local keywords and managing the location while initiating and targeting the audience is called local SEO.

What Is International SEO?

International SEO starts where the physical proximity ends. Not every company depends on their bricks and mortar office or natives.

Fighting for placement across states is somehow a better step for many companies that have the ability to go international. Sometimes it becomes hard for the companies to fight locally due to high-end organizations and a lack of consumers.

So they decided to go global and focus more on topical placement rather than location-based keywords.

Who does not want global recognition?

Well, anyone can incorporate local SEO tactics, but some might prefer to broaden their area of competition to expand their presence. It is also about targeting a larger audience base.

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Difference Between Local And International SEO

International SEO

Digital marketing is a popular phenomenon anywhere in the world. We have to accept the fact that digital marketing is an integral part of the business.


Well, because people cannot go back to the offline advertising process as we all are inextricably obsessed with digital gadgets. So, it’s cumbersome to get out of this hangover, and thus it’s time to lure into the digital market in many ways.


Local SEO is more focused on physical recognition. So, whether or not you are on a prime promotion in your local area, it’s time to keep the consistency with performance and recognition.

Contacts and local language are an essential part of local SEO and for local companies.

However, the whole thing depends on your company’s goals. For instance, if you are trying to enrich locally, there is no better option than local SEO. But if you have a business that has no boundaries, then you should better go for international SEO.

Though the SEO methods are almost the same, there is a significant difference between international and local SEO.

International SEO, compared to local SEO, focuses on a worldwide audience. So, here comes the language problem. Now you need to write and provide copies in multiple languages.

Things will get cumbersome when you have to take dialects and colloquialisms into account. So, the whole international SEO process is going to be expensive but don’t worry. International SEO agencies are there to help you grab an all-in-one global deal at a minimal cost.



All the business wonders have one primary target, and that is to increase the visibility of their business. Well, both local and international SEO has several benefits.

However, if you want to go for a local SEO, it does not cover the links but focuses on the location and points out the geographical area. On the other hand, international SEO creates URL structures, targets keywords, and ensures various localization signals.

Most people do not click beyond the first three options listed on the search engine. This is where the whole concern lies for entrepreneurs and digital marketers. So, if you are doing business locally, you need to target ranking locally.

In contrast, international SEO is more efficient in managing multiple languages and countries with high traffic.


International SEO is far more difficult to understand than local SEO.


This is because international SEO covers various aspects, including location, link, country specifics, search engine algorithms, and languages. International SEO has to cover global visibility.

On the other hand, the geographic region is the only concern of the local SEO. No matter the situation, you need to take different steps depending on your company’s goals.

Is There A ‘Right’ Option?

In the world of web marketing, both local and international SEO plays a valuable role. It mainly depends on the type of customer that you are targeting and also on your particular goals in the competitive market.

If you have a local startup or offline store, then you can depend on local SEO., but if you are a marketing agency in an international organization, international SEO is the step that you should take.

So, the right option depends on your company’s goals. Flame in the comment box if you have further queries on international SEO.

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