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Can You Do SEO Without Backlinks?

Can You Do SEO Without Backlinks?


In recent times, search engines have changed a lot in their strategy of ranking sites. If earlier it was enough to fill the site with articles and purchase links, after the introduction of new algorithms, SEO promotion became more difficult.

Google is making small steps in this direction by introducing its Penguin algorithm. There are about 800 parameters that search engines take into account when ranking, so you should not blindly rely on buying links, although it is inappropriate to downplay the importance of the link mass.

If you follow the mood of search engines and do not use purchased links, then the promotion will become much more expensive, and the result will come much later.

According to search engines, a top site must meet the following requirements:

  • meet the usability requirements;
  • contain competent content with a unique semantic load and constantly updated articles;
  • users should spend a lot of time on the site, move from one page to another, and use internal links;
  • resource structure and code must be perfectly tuned for fast indexing by bots.

Some listed parameters of an ideal site depend on the professionalism of the optimizers who work with it. Other factors are a consequence of this work and can only indirectly affect users. Thus, if you need quality backlinks for a cannabis company, you should primarily optimize the site and improve behavioral factors.

Website Promotion Without Buying Links

Website Promotion

If we postpone buying links, then the SEO optimizer will still find something to work with on the site. Regular publications will help keep the interest of users: new high-quality pictures, articles, videos, and more. You should make at least a few new articles a week to constantly remind your audience about yourself.

Content should be adapted to low-frequency queries, as it is easier to promote a resource using them. Such promotion has a great influence on the position of the site. Therefore, in the absence of purchased links, it is worth considering this. This method is more relevant for information platforms where users actively exchange information.

For owners of online stores, there is also a solution: creating a blog on the site, where visitors can read texts on current topics is a nice promotion tool.

Here are some other tools you can use:

1) Social networks

Another tool that can be successfully used in SEO is social media. This is a great way to attract traffic to your resource, thereby increasing its importance for search bots. Start by creating posts on the most popular social networks.

All actions should be aimed at attracting the attention of users to arouse interest in your product. The resource should be versed in such a way that users can easily share articles or company news on social networks, subscribe and receive regular notifications about promotions and new products.

2) Blogs

Another option to attract new traffic is to ask for a product review from a popular blogger. He must belong to your niche (this indicates the potential interest of the public in the goods or services that you offer).

It is necessary to analyze how beneficial such actions will be: if your market segment is covered by many bloggers, then a product review will be efficient.  You can pay for such services not only with money but also with your goods. It all depends on the popularity of the blogger.

3) Forums

You should find out if there are any forums on your subject and how popular they are. Then you need to become an active user on behalf of the company.

It is necessary to participate in discussions, leave meaningful comments, help forum users in solving problems, and recommend your products and services. In this case, direct contact with the interested audience is also carried out, and brand recognition is developed.

4) Contextual advertising

First, you need to collect the semantic core. Google Ads is an indispensable assistant in working with contextual advertising. You will be able to keep track of the phrases that work and which should be replaced. All information will be presented in the form of tables and graphs that will help to adjust your further actions.

Internal Optimization

Internal Optimization

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Internal optimization is something that should be considered as the main factor in achieving success in website promotion – it should be convenient and of high quality, load quickly and give users the content they came to the site for.

To achieve this result, you need:

  • create a semantic core: make lists of keywords and queries and use them on the site;
  • find and fix technical errors: broken links, long page loads, and so on;
  • improve usability;
  • monitor the relevance of content and improve it;
  • optimize the structure of the site;
  • check and improve linking.

For better promotion, specialists necessarily analyze behavioral ranking factors – metrics that show the interaction of the audience with the resource. Internal optimization cannot be done once and then forgotten — it needs to be improved constantly. Keep track of all elements of optimization, not just a specific one.

Should You Buy The Backlinks Or Not?

SEO really works if you use an integrated approach. The Importance of Backlinks is huge, as they are an integral part of successful and fast promotion.

Each of the methods presented above can only be implemented manually, or you can hire a specialist (perhaps several) who will spend days and nights writing posts, reviews, comments, working with advertising, looking for partners and bloggers, negotiating, etc. This is laborious work that will cost a lot of money.

Website promotion without backlinks is possible to implement, but with great difficulty. Buying organic links on the exchange will significantly reduce your promotion costs, while your performance will increase very quickly.

Now there are many ways to use the purchased link mass. But if you decide to promote your site without backlinks, then be prepared for painstaking work with social networks, blogs, forums, and other platforms where you can present your company in the best light and get the users’ trust.

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