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How Fulfilling Is Your Career And Is It Time To Make A Change?


What do people want in a working environment? If you asked someone this question 30 years ago, you would likely get a very different answer than you would today. The responses now would even vary significantly from just 5 years ago. That is how much the landscape has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many workers, gone are the days of putting up with a mediocre salary for a company that does not invest in its employees financially OR socially. People are looking for a place to feel like they are valued and experience fulfillment at the end of the day. In 2021, some of the leading factors that people looked for when switching jobs included the ability to work remotely, higher compensation, better management, and more work-life balance.

Now that we understand the reasoning behind why someone may be leaving their job in this worker’s revolution, what are the next steps for someone hoping to make a change in their professional life?

What worked and didn’t work for you in that position?

What worked and didn’t work for you in that position?

Everybody loves a pro and con list, (well, maybe not EVERY person), but they are often only employed for an upcoming decision. What if you take the time to create one for a past decision, like the job that you are coming from? What were the parts of the job that made you feel proud of your accomplishments? Where did you experience success and failure? What would you have changed about how you were managed that could have led to you staying? Did you experience a healthy work-life balance while in this position?

All of these questions can help you reflect on what to look for in a future career path. These 5 steps can help you in the decision-making process for your professional goals.

Involve those you care about in the process

Involve those you care about in the process

This is a key step in your decision. The people who know us best are our closest friends and loved ones. They are outside observers who understand you and see what some of your strengths may be that were underutilized in your previous job. Share your experiences with them and do not be ashamed to ask for their feedback during the process.

However, we do not want to let too many opinions into the fold. After all, overthinking can paralyze us when facing a life-changing decision. But allowing a few trusted family members or friends to know your mindset can create the support system you need to move forward with confidence.

Consider the type of change you are seeking

Consider the type of change you are seeking

Are you hoping to find a similar role with another company that values your contributions? Or are you thinking of completely changing careers and pursuing a new industry?

The Great Resignation saw a vast amount of employee turnover around the country, and it created a ripple effect of people seeking to work more independently. Some turned to creative roles that they could do on a freelance basis, only reporting to themselves and the clients they took on. Others have learned new skills through online classes and obtained a license in a trade or as a contractor.

Quite literally, the possibilities are endless. You can turn what used to be a hobby into a full-time job working for yourself. Or you can simply seek a higher-paying version of the job you just had. As long as you do your due diligence in reflecting and coming to the decision confidently, the right career change could be the shot in the arm you need to find professional fulfillment.

The best-laid plans…

Making a career change can be terrifying. You are venturing into unknown territory, and we all know that plans don’t always work out the way we imagine.

But being unhappy in a workplace is also something that we cannot plan for. Maybe we never received that expected raise, or our family needs outgrew a job’s ability to support them, or our boss is disrespectful to us on a consistent basis. What appears to be our dream job could end up draining us of our energy and lead to burnout.

Whatever has led you to consider making a change, you are not alone. Millions of others around the country have made similar decisions, especially in the last few years, and have been thrilled with the results. Plans change, but if a new plan means that you are now living a fulfilled life, both professionally and personally, then we should always remain open to a new adventure.

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