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How to Get Ready for a Date (as a Man)

Preparing or getting ready for a date always takes longer than you’d think. You might think a quick shower and throwing some fresh clothes on will suffice, but if you really want to impress, then you need to go a few steps further. 

How to Get Ready for a Date as a Man

There are some tips that you need to follow to get ready for a date like a man. Here’s how.

i). Focus on Smelling Good 

i). Focus on Smelling Good 

Looking good is part of it, but smelling good is just as (if not more) important. Of course, start with a long shower, soap, deodorant, and mouthwash, and then think about wearing a great smelling cologne. 

If you want to expand your scent collection, has a designer cologne subscription box so you can experiment with different ones. 

ii). Fix Any Clothes Creases 

No matter how well put together your outfit is, if it’s full of creases, it’ll likely turn your date off. After all, it’ll show them that they’re not worth the time of ironing! 

If the creases aren’t too bad, you don’t even have to get out the iron – simply hang it in the bathroom while you shower, and you’ll find the wrinkles naturally drop loose. 

iii). Spend Time on the Hair 

iii). Spend Time on the Hair 

Everyone has a different method for doing their hair, but there is one important thing to remember – leave enough time to do it. 

Whether you’re gelling, combing, or simply ruffling, you need to make sure you have time to fix any mistakes, as they so often happen when nervous. Try not to obsess too much over a single stray hair, though, as your date likely won’t notice that. 

iv). Don’t Forget the Nails 

It’s important that you don’t forget the nails, as long, dirty nails can be an instant turn-off. You don’t need to get a manicure or anything, but you should make sure they’re cut and clean before setting off. 

v). Have a Relaxing Shave 

v). Have a Relaxing Shave 

Another thing not to rush before your date is shaving. It could turn out even worse than a bad hair day, as a shaving mistake might produce cuts on your face. 

If you know you’ve got a date in the afternoon, try to schedule your shave around midday so you can relax while you do it. Stick on some music, run the hot water, and spend quality time grooming

vi). Check-in with Your Date 

You might get so caught up in preparing for your date that you forget to check in with the person you’re meeting! 

To make sure there aren’t any miscommunications (or cancellations), check in with your date about an hour before meeting them. That way, you avoid showing up late or wasting your time going at all! 

vii). Clean Your House

vii). Clean Your House

Give your house a quick clean before you leave. That isn’t just in case they end up going back to your place (although that is a part of it!); it’s so that you don’t have to worry about putting the dishwasher on or washing the bedding after you’ve had a great date. 

The Final Thoughts 

Dating can be tough, but by being prepared, you are sure to impress every single time. Thus, the above-listed methods are the best ways to get ready for a date like a man and you should follow the same to become successful on your date. 

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