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4 Types of Leadership That Men Should Aim for


There’s a lot of talk about outstanding leadership and what it takes to be a great leader, but there’s also a lot of talk about being a man.

Sometimes these are mutually exclusive from each other, but in times where men need to step up and be the leaders they’re needed to be, how do you do that without straying into the ‘toxic masculinity’ realm?

Being a good leader means having a mix of traits. Listed below are four distinct types of leaders, but a well-rounded leader aims to improve all four areas to become the best leader he can be.

Solutions Based Leadership

Solutions Based Leadership

Solutions-based leaders are the leaders that see a problem and work out ways to fix it. These leaders can be patient and calm, meticulously working out how to get the best out of a situation, or they might be quick thinkers, working on impulse to fix something that needs fixing yesterday.

Being a solutions-based leader means thinking outside the box and not being afraid to try things out, taking risks, but calculated risks to ensure that the job gets done properly and that no time is wasted doing things the wrong way.

Mentorship and Encouragement Leadership

Encouragement Leadership

It’s said that great leaders are not people who tell others what to do but rather encourage others to be the best versions of themselves, which is especially true for leadership through mentorship and encouragement.

If you’re facing a particularly difficult employee or perhaps your own child, taking a step back and looking through the perspective of ‘how can I empower them?’ will make you a much better leader and a leader that others will want to consult with more often because they will walk away from your conversations feeling stronger rather than beaten down.

Physical Leadership

Physical leadership is the type of leadership that is probably associated with masculinity the most, but as you will know, it takes more than physical prowess to be a good man. You can learn more about what it means to be a man here.

Physical leaders aren’t afraid to ‘get stuck in,’ but getting stuck in doesn’t necessarily mean pushing your body to the extremes. It might just mean showing up when it’s needed.

For example, if you manage a cafe and it’s incredibly busy, a physical leader is more likely to put on an apron and help out cleaning tables, showing customers to their seats, taking orders, and generally being another ‘body’.

Being a physical leader isn’t purely about the body; it’s about being present when it counts.

Rational Leadership

Rational Leadership

Rational leaders stay calm under pressure. They are the calm head in an argument and can be relied upon to diffuse a situation.

This is a difficult skill to learn, and it definitely takes patience to sit back and listen to all sides before jumping in with a solution. However, if you practice this skill, you’ll find yourself able to deal with many more stressful situations with a level head and a clear mind, and that’s something that is incredibly valuable.

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