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The 7 Most Popular Machines in Construction

Construction is a key component of Singapore’s economy. Investors in residential, commercial, and industrial properties are always launching new projects. A lot of construction works highlight the robust nature of the economy. 

To keep construction going, contractors invest in high-quality machines. The machines improve efficiency, productivity, and cut the cost of operations. 

If you’re a construction contractor, there are machines that help unlock your company’s potential. With the right equipment, you can handle the most complex construction works. Below are the most popular machines you should have in any construction project.

7 Most Popular Machines That Are Used in Construction

1. Excavators

1. Excavators

Excavators are popular machines in any construction work and do heavy work before the project begins. At every construction site, the diggers come in handy to prepare for the foundation and dig trenches.

The machine has a sturdy construction and unique design that allows it to move large amounts of earth. You can choose from a wheeled or track excavator depending on your needs. An excavator serves multiple functions at a site from material handling, digging, demolitions, heavy lifting, and moving unwanted materials.  In addition, if you require top-notch construction services, particularly excavation services, don’t hesitate to check Bella Construction Services and contact them for all your project needs.

Tracked excavators offer more stability because of their low center of gravity. The tracks won’t sink easily, making a tracked excavator ideal for softer terrains. Wheeled excavators work better on harder ground and can access urban areas, paved roads, and other places a tracked excavator can’t access. 

For added functionality, contractors equip excavators with a crusher or hammer for demolition works. 

2. Bulldozers 

Another common construction machine is a bulldozer. The heavy equipment also helps with excavations on new sites but handles shallow levels using a sharp-edged metal plate (dozer blade) at the front. Most of these machines have a ripper at the back, which loosens tightly compacted materials.

A bulldozer moves a lot of materials out of a site and is ideal for jobs that require high traction. Bulldozers come with wheels or tracks and they can access the most rugged terrains.

3. Wheel Loaders 

3. Wheel Loaders 

Wheel loaders are versatile heavy machinery at construction sites serving multiple purposes. A wheel loader carries stuff, loads trucks, and dumpers, moves earth, and stockpiles materials at a site.

If you have construction materials that you want to be moved from one place to another, a wheel loader does the job easily. You can fit the machine with attachments that increase its capabilities at your construction site.

4. Backhoe 

At any construction site, you need a machine that does a lot of tasks from excavating to loading/unloading heavy materials. A backhoe does all this and more to keep work going on at your site. 

This is among the most popular and versatile heavy machinery in construction. At the back of the backhoe, you have a digging bucket attached to an articulated arm and a loader at the front. Backhoes are smaller than excavators but come in handy at smaller construction sites.

5. Articulated Trucks

Articulated Trucks

An articulated truck/hauler is a heavy-duty dump truck that carries materials over the most difficult terrain. The truck can handle the steepest of surfaces and wet conditions. The trucks have incredible off-roading capacity because of their tracked wheels and their unique body design.

The truck not only hauls materials but also helps with concrete mixing, holding cranes, transporting water, and much more. 

6. Cranes 

If you plan to launch a large construction project, a crane is among the most important machines you require. A crane helps access high heights, and lift materials and personnel.

The crane system consists of a platform equipped with cables and pulleys. If you have heavy equipment or materials that require hoisting, a crane does the job safely and efficiently. 

Depending on the type of hoisting work required at your construction site, you have a wide range of cranes to choose from. The most common ones include:

  • Telescopic crane
  • Mobile crane
  • Truck-mounted crane
  • Tower crane 
  • Rough terrain crane
  • Overhead/suspended cranes.
  • Loader crane
  • Bridge/overhead crane including a gantry crane, jib cranes, or hammerhead crane

Before you choose a crane, consider the type of construction work you have. Choose a crane that suits your construction requirement and confirm the machine meets all safety standards.

7. Dumper/Tipper Trucks

7. Dumper/Tipper Trucks

At every construction site, you have lots of water materials that need to be removed from the site. Dumper trucks carry such materials and also bring in essential construction materials.

The truck has an open-box bed with hydraulic arms for easier lifting and delivery of materials. The excavators and bulldozers dump waste into the open truck bed for disposal out of the site. 

Wrapping Up

For enhanced efficiency at your site, choose the right equipment for the job. You have multiple projects going on within the site and having the right equipment guarantees everything continues smoothly.

When buying construction machinery, don’t compromise on quality and safety. Go for heavy machinery from an established brand with a solid reputation. Evaluate your construction needs and buy equipment that’s easy to customize for your project. 

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