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Team Building Exercise Ideas for Businesses in 2022

Team Building

Are you finding your team is quite cold?

Quite separate?

Maybe a little clique?

Maybe you need to get them all together. But for what purpose?

A PowerPoint presentation?

Well, that won’t get everyone talking. Instead, why not have a day out? We’ve got a bunch of team-building activity ideas for you to browse.

Take a look and see if something strikes you as a winner.

»For the casual boss

For the casual boss

Sometimes you just can’t beat the old ways of doing things. The tried and tested way to really bring your team together is with a pub quiz.

Have your employees split into teams and prove just how much useless information they are privy to. And the sheer fact that it’s in the pub is likely to gain you points as a boss.

Of course, you can host your own quiz. The fun of this is that you can make your own questions, which can be about the company for a bit of lighthearted grilling or maybe even about the team members so that everyone gets to know each other better.

»For the tech-savvy boss

For the tech-savvy boss

There is a great trend of escape rooms at the moment, where your team has to work together to get out of a locked room by solving clues.

A great idea in itself, but an offshoot of it is that there are virtual escape rooms taking over right now. You can put your team in a cabin in the woods (a virtual one) and watch them try to survive a Texas Chainsaw Massacre situation.

If you like the virtual aspect, or you like the idea of team building for remote teams, there are lots of ideas for virtual options available.

»For the active boss

For the active boss

If you like the idea of getting everyone running around and perhaps getting into some friendly competition, there are lots of options for an active day out.

The simplest is to have a football or baseball game but there is also the idea of taking a long hike or even trying laser tag or paintball.

»For the boss who rules with fear

For the boss who rules with fear

Or, to really kick it up a notch, you can try out a survival academy or obstacle course. Put your employees through the wringer, so they really appreciate the work you pay them to do, and how good of a boss you can be.

In all seriousness, these options give your team challenges that they have never faced before, for a day out that will really get the blood pumping of those who love to try something new and succeed at it.

»For the cultured boss

For the cultured boss

If you are a permanent tourist, and you love discovering things about your city, you can look into a treasure hunt for your team-building exercise.

Teams of your employees will be sprawled all over the city following clues to the treasure. Everyone can come together at the end of the day for a sharing of all the whacky stories they’ve gathered throughout the day.

»For the crafty boss

For the crafty boss

Sometimes you don’t want the competitive aspect, and you just are looking for a peaceful time with your team, where there are no tears at the finish line.

In that case, you might want to look into something creative.

You can take a cooking or baking class, with the added bonus of having something to eat built-in, depending on how much you trust your team’s cooking skills.

You can take a pottery or jewelry class, giving your team something to take home at the end of the day and remember the time.

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